You are currently viewing 72 Journal Prompts For Millennials And Gen Z

72 Journal Prompts For Millennials And Gen Z

72 Journal Prompts For Millennials And Gen Z

Use the 72 journal prompts as a tool for self-discovery. The journal prompts are crafted for Millennials and Gen Z. The journal encourages thinking on your digital identity, empowering yourself with thought-provoking prompts, and gently uncovering your unique purpose. These prompts are a compassionate guide to navigating life’s questions and finding personal clarity. Have fun!

  1. Are you aggressive with your emojis? What does this say about your communication style?
  2. How has growing up surrounded by tech influenced your identity?
  3. How do you celebrate and embrace diversity?
  4. How has technology impacted your relationships? Think about the relationship you have with yourself and with others.
  5. How does the mindset you have compare to the mindset you desire to have?
  6. What makes you feel uncomfortable?
  7. How do you feel about the school system? Think about online and brick and mortar.
  8. What role does community have in your life? Think about your online community as well as the physical.
  9. How do you feel about the gig economy?
  10. How do you prioritize your mental health?
  11. How do you cope with uncertainty?
  12. What are three ways that you can contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly way of living?
  13. How do you prioritize your physical health?
  14. How many people know about your coping skills? Should you tell more people?
  15. Do you lean towards blame or taking ownership? Would the five closest people in your life agree with your answer?
  16. How long do you wait to respond to a text?
  17. When you receive a phone call, do you answer it or let it go to voicemail to then follow up with a text? Why do you do this and what do you think this tells that caller about you?
  18. What generational patterns do you feel you are taking from your caretakers?
  19. Do you feel that you are living with a pressure that is not yours to carry? If so whose weight, is it? How can you remove it knowing that someone else may not remove it?
  20. Share three examples of how you have compromised in life. Try to consider the position you took during the process of the compromise.
  21. How do you respond respectfully when you are not pleased with the response you receive?
  22. When was the last time that you did a digital detox? How did you feel?
  23. How do you define success?
  24. Describe a time that you felt truly passionate about a project?
  25. How does social media impact your mood?
  26. How do you define happiness?
  27. Explore a time that you compared yourself to others on social media?
  28. How do you define your purpose in life?
  29. What is your immediate reaction when too many feelings come up?
  30. How do you typically respond when you get what you want?
  31. How do you typically respond when things do not go as you had thought?
  32. Do you ever respond in a passive-aggressive manner? If so, share two times that you did this.
  33. Are you one of those people who at the end of a phone conversation have one more thing to say? If so, what do you think this says about you?
  34. Do you hold awareness over how long you process positive versus difficult feelings?
  35. How would someone close to you describe how you show appreciation and love to others?
  36. How would someone close to you describe how you show appreciation and love to yourself?
  37. When do you drop your guard? What leads to this?
  38. What actions do you engage in to strengthen family bonds?
  39. What actions do you engage in to strengthen friendship bonds?
  40. Have you ever lied? If you answered “yes” consider what this means about you. If you answered “no”, consider what this means about you.
  41. Right now, what is bothering you?
  42. What relationships in your life are in need of adjustment?
  43. How do you repair relationships?
  44. How do you repair the relationship you have with yourself?
  45. Have you ever had a bad day? Like the entire 24 hours? If so, what happened and how did you get past it?
  46. What belief do you need to let go of to give yourself a sense of relief?
  47. Do you notice a difference between doing a lot and being productive?
  48. What are you trying to overcorrect in your life?
  49. How much more money do you need to reach satisfaction? How will you live your life differently once you reach it?
  50. Do you have a hyper-concern of what other people are thinking about you? If so, when did this start and what purpose has this served for you?
  51. What new mindset do you need to remove to have less friction in your life?
  52. When there is friction in a relationship are you the one seeking the other person to reach a resolution? If so, is this you being a peacemaker?
  53. If you had a month left to live how many thoughts would you have about things that you need to fix, accomplish do, forgive, or address?
  54. What does living a healthy life mean to you? Try to write this out so that you can visually see it.
  55. Do you need to learn to not expect the worst?
  56. What are the emotions that typically hurt you when you are trying to communicate or interact with others? Try to be honest with yourself here.
  57. Do you think mostly positively or negatively about yourself?
  58. What are common lies that you tell yourself?
  59. What are ways that you self-sabotage?
  60. How do you use your phone to help you navigate intense feelings?
  61. How much time do you spend on your phone? Go ahead and check it and review what that number says about you.
  62. Describe your relationship with your favorite device.
  63. What do you find challenging about who you are today?
  64. Do you refuse to do things that you should be doing? If so, why.
  65. How do you see the tone for a positive day?
  66. How have you set the tone for an unproductive day?
  67. What is your opinion on taking naps? What in life has influenced your viewpoint?
  68. What is your position on silent quitting? Now that you have considered it, how is it influenced if you were the owner of the organization and had employees practicing this?
  69. What words are really nice to receive? How often do you receive them? If “not often”, what is one action that you can do to educate your support system on meeting this need?
  70. Would you spend more time with all the people that you keep saying you’ll get to later knowing that you only had one year left to live?
  71. What situations spark your voice of self-doubt?
  72. How do you approach new challenges in life?


For more journal prompts focused on motivation and consistency try the morning journal. Click here to see it.

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