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How To Fight Less and Love More In Your Relationship

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How are you addressing problems in your relationship?

Loving each other more is far better than fighting with each other.

As a relationship counselor, I strongly advocate for acts that create connection, support and overall improvements to the relationships. One of my favorite strategies to share with couples that I work with is reflective growth.

Reflective growth means that you are diving into a past experience to find ways grow from it. It’s not the same concept as rehashing the past. What we are doing here is engaging in a specific process that allows partners to understand how to have a completely different experience in the future.

The experience will allow you to pinpoint the internal and external issues that triggered the situation to escalate. Internal issues could be something that may have taken place on a personal level. Such as feeling overly tired, while external pertains to an impact from something like work stress.

Often the internal and external triggers are needed to be understood in order to acknowledge their impact on the person and on the relationship.

Once couples are able to understand the triggers, they then can transition to building healthier habits that will allow future situations to have positive growth.

In counseling, I serve couples by helping them address issues that create hurt while promoting education around those connected to separation. Relationship counseling is a tool that couples can use to improve their relationship and overcome challenges.

I love helping couples learn concrete ways to improve their connection, address problems, and have a toolkit of therapeutic strategies to nourish their relationship.

That’s why I built the Relationship Workshop School.

It’s a school that offers courses to couples.

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The Relationship Building Course is designed for struggling couples seeking to overcome challenges in the relationship. The course helps couples create a partnership that is strong, healthy and realistic. The course covers topics that help to improve the success of relationships while evaluating common topics that if not addressed create tension and disconnect. Participants should expect to gain the ability to overcome relationship issues that are associated with the risk of divorce early in the marriage.

The course helps couples improve their relationship by taking on challenges and overcoming issues.

Couples that struggle with creating healthy boundaries may experience conflict or arguments in the relationship. Below is a strategy that I use in the relationship building course. Its goal is to help you stop fighting and love more!

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What’s included in the Relationship Building Course?

The course includes 4 lessons and 11 exercises. The lessons are divided into 9 guided sections. 3 Bonus materials are included as well as a copy of Mr. Santos latest relationship book Couples Workbook: Making Your Relationship Work.

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