Understanding Why The Affair Took Place

Healing After An Affair Requires People To Understand What Led To The Affair

Marriage Counseling can provide couples with space and direction needed to work towards understanding the key reasons why the affair took place.

In a prior post, How To Navigate And Heal After An Affair, the foundation to stage 1 was discussed. The purpose of knowing the stages is to give you steps to take as you move forward in your journey of healing and recovering your relationship and life after an affair.

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Try the online Healing After An Affair Course. The course focused on exercises aimed to heal pain, build trust, and restore the health of your relationship.

A few very important notions to understand is that each couple is different with respect to how long the process takes. The second very important notion that helps is receiving information ahead of time. This gives a sense of understanding, preparation, and anticipation of what may take place during the affair recovery process.

Stage 1. Discovery Of Infidelity.

Whether the discovery was forthcoming or found. The first stage of recovering after an affair starts with the discovery.

This stage focuses on ending the affair and learning what happened. It is vital to the success of healing and recovering for you who committed the affair to cut all ties and commit to vulnerability, honesty, transparency, and positive change.

Not doing so only leads to further distrust and disconnect from your partner. During this stage, you may experience shock and emotional instability.

Uncovering and Navigating The Discovery of Infidelity.

Understanding as best as you can why you did what you did is very important for the process of healing and recovering and in addition to personal growth.

Below are common connections to affairs. To why affairs take place. Evaluate each one while working to find a connection.

  • Emotional needs aren’t being met.
  • Sexual addiction.
  • Struggle with boredom.
  • Seeking revenge sex.
  • Seeking reassurance or emotional security.
  • History of infidelity in past relationships.
  • Life changes.


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How To Build Connection In Your Relationship

Building Connection In Your Relationship


Someone once told me that a relationship is a “relation” plus “ship”. Two people on a ship together. Two people on a journey together. 


A question that couples ask me is, how do we build connection?


Here is the most basic answer. 


To build connection you must interconnect values. 


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