Do Not Stop Dating Your Partner

What Successful Couples Do

What does it mean to never stop dating? 

I like to think of it as a philosophy or a way of living. Most people tend to live their life by some sort of mantra or guiding principles. As an example, some value religion. As such, they attend church every Sunday. Pray at night and engage in other religious-based activities. Overall, this shows us a certain way of living.

In the early stages of relationship building, two strangers find creative ways to spend time together. Some have dates at the local movie theater. Others find a cool rooftop to sneak to.

Think about your relationship…

  • How did it start?
  • Do you remember your first 5 dates?
  • What did you wear on the first date?
  • What did it feel like asking your partner out on the first date? 

Going on dates serves a beautiful purpose. The action of a date helps nourish the relationship. Feed it in a transformational way. The transformation is seen, when a date turns into sex or an in-depth conversation having you feeling emotionally connected to your partner.

Giving your relationship the gift of “never stop dating” can be the driving force to a successful relationship.


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