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How Your Relationship Can Survive COVID

How Your Relationship Can Survive COVID

This post is about learning how to stay strong and together during COVID. Relationships can thrive and improve if couples can give each other the gift of kindness. The kindness to understand that COVID is new territory, and as such, it requires space and time to feel. The compassion to give each other love and appreciation each day. I provide strategies on how to reduce stress and continue to engage in dates with your partner.

Strategy #1: Acknowledge that there are twenty-four hours a day.

Each day has twenty-four hours. There is a lot of time that you can avoid thinking about your relationship and the issues that you face. If something is at the forefront of your mind, you want to talk about it 24/7. However, that’s not the right thing to do. If you care about your teeth, would you stay at the dentist’s office 24/7? No! Same thing with your partner, are you going to focus on the issue 24/7? Instead, focus on the actions that will cultivate a good time. Play a board game and have fun!

Strategy #2: Find a time to talk about problems.

If you’re going to discuss issues with your partner, enter with empathy and sympathy and exit it the same way. Often, couples will start a conversation, and things get heated. Then, leave with all the baggage, pain, and hurt. Instead, own your space, practice vulnerability, and practice accountability. Write down the rules of entering a conversation and write down the rules for exiting a conversation.

Strategy #3: Give each other space for self-care.

Self-care is vital! Don’t throw self-care out the window during COVID. If you’re having issues in your relationship right now, give each other space to engage in self-care. Maybe you have a room in your house that you allocate to self-care.

Strategy #4: Create spaces in your relationship to revisit the root.

At the beginning of your relationship, there are perfect moments and experiences. So, sit down with your partner and reminisce about those good memories. It is not an immediate change, but your body and mind will start to react. When we have positive thoughts, we smile, we feel better, and we are more confident and more equipped to handle the stress taking place. If you have a stressful day vs. a day with joy, which version is more likely to address the day better? The person with pleasure will be able to address issues better.

Overall, share your thoughts with your partner. Ask how you can help them. Look at building respect and kindness in your relationship. This blog post won’t solve everything. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that you can address things now, and there are things that you can address later. Don’t let COVID-19 slow down your journey; you deserve joy.

This blog post is a recap from my YouTube channel. Watch the video How Your Marriage Can Survive COVID.

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