Immigration Counseling Understanding Waivers

Immigration Evaluations In Greensboro, North Carolina

The immigration waiver process entails a process in which a petition is made for a family member to remain in the United States. The person asking for the petition is an immediate relative (such as a spouse, parent or child). For more details on the waiver click here.

As a professional counselor, I support applicants of petitions, U-Visa, VAWA (violence against women act), DACA, Asylum by providing mental health evaluations. These are also known as psychological evaluations.


Persons seeking to gain support with their immigration process, may currently be struggling with emotional difficulties.

Common symptoms and behaviors include:


  • Problems sleeping
  • Difficult making decisions
  • Crying
  • Sadness
  • Worry
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Irregular changes to appetite


My Process for Immigration Evaluations


During the process of our interaction, we will cover the following areas of focus: (a) an evaluation of your case (b) questions focused on trauma and psychological impact (c) emotional areas of concern (d) psychological testing (e) analysis of the triangular founded evaluation.

In my role, as the evaluating clinician (the person who supports during the mental health evaluation), we highlight the overall impact the waiver process. Typically, we will meet for several sessions and engaged in psychological inventories that highlight components of the immigration psychological evaluation.

Overall, my goal is to support you with the emotional difficulties you are experiencing while providing to the best of my ability a clear and concise immigration psychological evaluation.


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Understanding Immigration Mental Health Evaluations