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9 Ways To Love Your Wife

Saying “I love you” is great!


It is not enough.

Your wife needs so much more from you. Actions that show you care, understand, support and/or cherish her. Words that show empathy, support, and kindness.

Below are 9 creative ways to show your wife “I love you”.  


1 – Love your wife completely

Loving someone means loving all of them.

There already are plenty of people in society who are going to judge and put down your partner, don’t be one of those people.

Love your partner and all of them.

Love their energy during sensitive subjects, love their moles or early onset of grey hairs. Find time to reassure your partner throughout the week that you love all of them by pointing out specifics.

2 – Take pleasure in the moment

Enjoy the moments you have with your partner as if you were the type of person who lived for today rather than one who plans for tomorrow.


3 – Explore your sensitive side

Stop dwelling in silence.

You, Mr. Macho-Man, want and desire a strong emotional connection with your partner. Go after it. Allow yourself to explore feelings, emotions and physical behaviors. Do not allow yourself to sit back and be silent. Push to communicate and ask questions.


4 – Be aware of non-verbal gestures

Practice focusing more on non-verbal signs. And who better to coach you then your partner. Ask your partner what non-verbal signs they currently use on you that you are not aware of.

This activity can be fun and enjoyable. Ask your partner the last time they performed a non-verbal sign or gesture and you missed it. Moving forward stay on your toes.


5 – Show empathy

Practice empathy in a manner that your wife can understand.

Let’s break this down to the core, because myself, like most MEN need a little bit of guidance. Empathy in simple terms is feeling what the other person would feel in a situation. Think about an experience that your partner has had. Does the experience relate to that of yours in terms of empathy? If so, reflect with your partner on their personal experience and tie it in with yours.


6 – Create REAL connection

Say what you want to say and how you feel. Just make sure that you are also being understanding and respectful. If you feel sad or hurt by an act, engage with your partner in those feelings. Dig the feelings out and throw them on the table. Discuss the feelings as if you were a student trying to truly understand a subject. Your wife will gain understanding as to what they did to impact or trigger your emotional reaction.

7 – Help you Wife

Help your wife carry the load. Be proactive in making sure that you are taking turns to wake up with the kids or taking out the trash. Share chores, responsibilities and duties. These include tasks like planning trips, paying bills, home chores, and more related tasks that require work.

8 – Be spontaneous

Leave a note inside your partners’ car while they are at work. Keep it short, sweet and to the point.

9 – Date nights are vital

Take your partner on a date night. It doesn’t always have to be a romantic date or the typical dinner and movie. It could be something simple, like the two of you putting an hour aside volunteering at your favorite nonprofit. Remember, your relationship began with dates. It began with mutual commitment to each other.