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3 Ways to Overcome Trust Issues

Why is it so hard to overcome trust issues in a relationship?

Often the reason is based on personal mindset and expectations. Trust can be built, destroyed, and rebuilt. This post focuses on learning ways to keep trust issues from destroying your love life and relationship.

First let’s start with what trust means.

Trust first starts with trusting yourself to trust the others. It then transitions to allowing yourself to grow and blossom to build trust. Or rebuild it.

As a professional counselor who specializes in healing relationships, trust is often a focal point of most conversations. I like to think of trust as experiences. If you allow yourself to spend quality time with your partner, trust will be built.

Greensboro Relationship Therapist, Greensboro Couples Therapist, Greensboro Relationship Counselor, Greensboro Couples CounselorBelow are three tips that will help you trust more easily and re-create balance in life and love.

  1. Define What Trust Means to You:

For me trust means believing that my partner will have me their heart. Trust can mean something very different to you. And that’s okay! Spend time with yourself and your partner discussing the subject of trust.

Start with “What does trust mean to me?”

  1. Trust Yourself:

How can you expect yourself to trust someone else if you are struggling to trust yourself? Everything has a starting point. With trust, it starts with you.

Ask yourself “Can I trust myself?” If so, “Why?”

Create a list of why you can trust yourself. Allow this list to define what trust means.

  1. Where Do Trust Issues Come From?

Have you ever wonder why you simply have a hard time trusting others? It can be a difficult question to answer. Trust is often linked to experiences and interactions. The link can be found in areas such as history of abuse, social rejection, self-esteem, and other phases of life.

Start with the question, “where do my trust issues come from?”