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Ways To Nourish Your Relationship

The course is designed for struggling couples seeking to overcome challenges in the relationship.

The course provides the following relationship building activities:


Appreciation Activity:

Couples learn how to build the healthy habit of appreciation. This activity aims to build a sustainable habit that nourishes the marriage. Couples learn why and how to appreciate each other in a manner that highlights intimacy, connection and love.

Weekly Check-In Activity:

Couples learn how to reset and reconnect through the practice of the Weekly Check-in. This activity teaches empathy, understanding, commitment and consistency. Couples learn how to implement and utilize a connective activity in a manner that is sustainable and consistent through marriage. The activity highlights problem solving, conflict resolution, boundaries, and communication.

Love Language Activity:

Learn how to love your partner and yourself. This activity teaches couples how to show love in a manner that highlights their partners love language. The activity provides education and a practical action orientated approach to loving each other in a manner that resonates the love language.

Commitment Activity:

This activity provides the opportunity to strengthen your relationship and build the foundation to a healthy and successful marriage.

Code Word Activity:

Every successful relationship needs a code word that screams compassion and respect. A code word helps couples gain control over their emotions and practice empathy versus hurting each other.

Alpha Role Activity:

This activity is aimed to help couples create a foundation of balance, consistency, respect and commitment. The activity highlights the impact of chores, tasks, and responsibilities on marriage.

Forgiveness Activity:

In all relationships, it is important to understand the distinction between a person and their behavior. Process such as counseling or physical fitness continue to show how people can overcome negative habits and behaviors. This activity supports partners in working through forgiveness and building their relationship.

Hot Topics Activity:

This activity highlights main issues that are impacting the relationship. The host, Juan Santos, provides couples with a step by step platform to identifying the issue, evaluating the impact of the issue and creating a plan of action to working through the issue.

Building Traditions Activity:

This activity supports struggling couples in building commitment and connection in the relationship. The relationship building activity encourages partners to identify areas of growth and improvement in the relationship.