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Relationship Challenges That Create Connection and Spark

Ways To Build Trust And Love In Your Relationship

  • Are you stuck in your relationship?
  • Do you talk about separation in your relationship?

Relationships are bound to hit obstacles, moments that if not properly addressed can end it all. The focus of this article is to help couple’s overcome hurdles by focusing on challenges that create growth, connection, and spark.

I’m asking for you to engage in one of the following 12 challenges that help struggling couples.

12 challenges that help relationships

1. Attend one counseling session individually with a focus on relationship support.

2. Attend one couples counseling session.

Attending one counseling session can really go a long way. It gives you the opportunity to learn more about your partner, spark a connection, identify constructive ways to address emotional challenges and build strength in communication. If you are ready to try couples counseling, please reach out to our office.

3. Reach out to a trusted unbiased person.

A person that you and your partner find trust, compassion, and empathy in. If you are willing, allow this person to provide feedback to your relationship.

4. Use external resources.

Visit your church to speak with a pastor, priest or support person. Focus on the relationship.

5. Explore with your partner the following question: I trust you because…

When you explore the question above, you are able to learn how trust develops in your relationship. Often couples may feel that they trust each other while not taking the time to clearly understand what behaviors and experiences improve trust. Below are more questions to explore as you develop trust in your relationship:

  • What actions improve trust?
  • What actions hurt trust?
  • Why are certain actions more important when considering trust?

6. Challenge each other by writing down all the positives in the relationship.

As you write down the positives in your relationship, consider exploring what hurts the relationship. Both areas support your growth and knowledge of what to do to improve the relationship over time. Check out the video below which focuses on behaviors that hurt a relationship or click here to watch it.



7. Explore with your partner, what specifically about them you fell in love with.

When was the last time you asked your partner to talk about how you both fell in love? It’s important to go back down memory lane. To remain connected with what built the relationship. You have everything you need in front of you. All you have to do is take the time to ask your partner key questions aimed to improve the relationship. Read 7 healthy habits to a successful relationship here.

8. Tell your partner what about them motivates you to do better and to be strong.

This relationship strategy focuses on taking time to nurture positives versus negatives. Focusing on the positive over the negative. Often what hurts couples is the need to stop living life until they are able to address an issue. For instance, a couple may experience hurt during an argument. They then decide to stop dating, stop being kind to each other, and wait until the issue is addressed. This in turn stops the relationship from moving forward.

9. Explore with your partner the following question: I think we are a good team because…

10. Challenge the relationship by engaging in weekly dates.

11. On your next date, go somewhere new.

12. Challenge yourself to do an act of kindness today for your partner. Yes, today!


As a couple’s counselor, I support distant and struggling partners overcome emotional hurdles. Whether it be affairs, trust, or communication issues the focus is always on the needs of each individual couple. If you would like to explore relationship counseling options please call  Santos Counseling PLLC 336-663-6570 or email [email protected]

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