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Relationship Challenges That Create Connection and Spark

Are you stuck in your relationship?

Is the subject of space or separation on the table?

Relationships are bound to hit obstacles, moments that if not properly addressed can end it all. The focus of this article is to help couple’s overcome hurdles by focusing on challenges that create growth, connection, and spark.

I’m asking for you to engage in one of the following 12 challenges that help struggling couples.


1. Attend one counseling session individually with the focus on relationship support.


2. Attend one couples counseling session.


3. Reach out to a trusted unbiased person. A person that you and your partner find trust, compassion, and empathy in. If you are willing, allow this person to provide feedback to your relationship.


4. Visit your church to speak with a pastor, priest or a support person. Focus on the relationship.


5. Explore with your partner the following question: I trust you because…


6. Challenge each other by writing down all the positives in the relationship.


7. Explore with your partner, what specifically about them you fell in love with.


8. Tell your partner what about them motivates you to do better and to be strong.


9. Explore with your partner the following question: I think we are a good team because…


10. Challenge the relationship by engaging in weekly dates.


11. On your next date, go somewhere new.


12. Challenge yourself to do an act of kindness today for your partner. Yes today!



As a couple’s counselor, I support distant and struggling partners overcome emotional hurdles. Whether it be affairs, trust, or communication issues the focus is always on the needs of each individual couple. If you would like to explore relationship counseling options please call  336-707-1723