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How To Manage Depression

How To Manage Depression

Depression is like this enormous cloud and the rain is all the endless symptoms you experience from it.

Each raindrop represents a physical or mental experience for you. Some push you to desire solely to stay in bed – curled up in your sheets. All day if possible. Other symptoms feel like a chip is consistently on your shoulder. Anything and everything bugs you.

Depression can make you feel like you are likely to blow up at anyone that stands you your way – why “at times you feel unsure”. Some symptoms simply leave you “feeling bad, down, sad, or like crying”. Why? There really doesn’t have to be an answer.

6 Ways To Reduce Depression

1. Take time off.

If you feel overwhelmed with work, family, yourself, or life in general – STOP. Give yourself self-care. Treat yourself to a mini vacation. These can be as simple as going to your room and cuddling in bed. Allow the time off to be a “reset button” that can help you feel in control and refreshed.

2. Build a strong support system.

During difficult times in yourself – it truly helps to have close friends or family to lean on. If you can find a sounding board – great. Utilize these individuals to help you express and verbalize your emotions in a healthy manner.

3. Write down the “Positive I statement”.

These statements can be utilized during the times in which you experience self-doubt, insecurities, low self-esteem, low self-confidence or lethargy. The statements can include:

  • “I control my energy. I can make it through the whole day feeling happy and in control”.
  • “I am not weak. I am not a burden. I am strong. I have so many people that love and care about me”.
  • “I have friends, family, and co-workers who truly enjoy my company”.

4. Learn to remember your past accomplishments.

Life gets busy and you are likely going to get caught up in today’s feelings related to depression.

These feelings are powerful and are going to try “so hard” to take control over your health. Invest your time in reflecting on your life and how you have made small and large accomplishments. These past accomplishments can help boost your spirit and morale to overcome today’s obstacles.

5. Journal.

Write down or even record your thoughts. Releasing your thoughts on paper or audio can help take away that weight that you are feeling. Less weight means that you can have more control over life and symptoms.

6. Social media is a fun and creative way to help manage depression.

I personally love to use Pinterest. Through Pinterest, you can create boards that have everything you personally pick. Add quotes, videos, blogs, readings, or personal uplifting stories to your Pinterest board. During times you need support – go to your board and experience positive support.

One important recommendation to remember. Depression may require therapy and medication. I truly encourage you to invest your time and energy in yourself by working to understand your depressive symptoms and practicing the above recommendations aimed to manage your depressive symptoms.