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Guide To Managing Anxiety

Anxiety and Depression can really be a pain in the rear end.

See how this book can improve your life

This book is the perfect pocket guide to managing anxiety. As you start reading you will learn exactly how to control your anxiety at home, work or while in the community. The goal here is simple. I created a book, that helps you say F! YOU to anxiety. 

This book helps you understand that the focal point about anxiety is that if it controls you, life becomes overwhelming and difficult. 

Yet, if you learn to control anxiety, life becomes what you make of it. 

Less worry, more enjoyment, and fulfillment. 

The anxiety book provides a step-by-step guide to:

  • Understanding what causes anxiety and worry.
  • Creating ways to overcome anxiety.
  • Learning how to stop panic attacks.
  • Reducing anxious or intrusive thoughts.
  • Improving your sleep and ability to eat.

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As you begin reading the book, you will learn triggers that are connected to anxiety, coping skills to manage the anxiety symptoms, and mindfulness strategies aimed to increase your understanding of anxiety.

In addition to the book, explore the therapeutic mindfulness journal. This a journal designed for persons that are struggling with mental health concerns. As a counselor, I recommend it to my own clients. One of the reasons I created this journal was to provide people with a guided approach to mindfulness journal.

In the journal, you will find prompts that support you in writing about topics that directly improve your mood, reduce anxiety, and increase awareness of areas that should be further evaluated.

The journal is divided into the following sections: Over 100 pages with prompts.

The journal guides you to write about topics that focus on mental health and personal improvement.

  • Pages dedicated to a To-Do list. Helping you create healthy structure and organization in life.
  • Gratitude section. This section of the journal helps you focus on the positives in your life by taking time to write.
  • F! it Days. This section is for those days that you really are not doing well. Use these pages to truly express yourself.
  • Doodling section. For those that enjoy expressing through art, this is for you. It’s a great section to draw, color or doodle your feelings.
  • Lastly the notes section. Every perfect journal has a section for common note taking and thought writing
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