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Date Ideas For Couples From A Counselor

Date Ideas For Couples To Try

One of the most consistent recommendations given to couples that seek counseling is to engage in dates.

Keep dating each other.

Below are date ideas that you can utilize in your relationship. Remember, the key is to do them.

3 Date Ideas For Couples To Do

1. Cooking Brings Couples Together.

The focus of this date is on trust and connection. One of you will be the leader. Flip a coin to decide who that person is. If you won the coin toss, you are to go to the grocery store to pick up a meal that you and your partner will cook together.

Have fun.

2. Successful Couples Have Fun.

This date is focused on fun. You and your partner will take a trip to a local store. The budget is $10.00 and the goal is to purchase one item you think your partner will enjoy.

Have fun.


3. Happy Couples Work On Projects.

This date is focused on trust and communication. You will do a DIY project with a budget of $30.00. Visit your local hardware store and purchase items to build the project you decide on.

Below are ideas that you are welcome to use:

  • Birdhouse
  • Side Table
  • Outdoor bench
  • Bookshelf

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