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3 Ways To Show Your Partner You Are Madly In Love

With Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, it’s the perfect to rekindle your relationship and address concerns. Take time to evaluate each the relationship. The progress in the relationship. Your ability to overcome challenges in the relationship and gain solutions moving forward.

One primary intention of working on the relationship is to maintain the spark. The core. The relationships foundation and ability to unite two people. As a professional counselor, I support couples in strengthening their relationship.

This holiday season, I create the marriage preparation course. It’s a course that aims to help couples create the foundation that fuels a relationship with harmony and connection. This course helps partners prepare for marriage through the application of guided lessons and exercises. Participants that take the course should expect to gain the ability to overcome marriage issues that are associated to the risk of divorce early in marriage.

Below are three core areas to focus on this holiday season with your partner:

As a relationship counselor, I enjoy helping couples understand how to work together in difficult moments. I enjoy reminding partners, to love and cherish each other. If you would like to explore relationship counseling, please call me 336-663-6570.

For more supportive relationship help, start reading Couple’s Workbook: Making Your Relationship Work.

Sharing is caring.

Sharing allows partners to come closer together in their relationship. The act of sharing allows partners to let go of selfish tendencies and build partnerships. Below are fun experiences that allow couples to push their relationship to a healthier level.

  • Share your food.
  • Let your partner shower first.
  • Put the baby to bed.
  • Give your partner some of your breakfast pancakes.
  • Give your partner some of the left-over allowances you have.
  • Let your partner sit next to you or on your lap.
  • Share your last beer.
  • Read your child a bedtime story together.
  • Share the book you just read.
  • Share a lottery ticket or price you just won.
  • Share the last delicious sips of your Starbucks coffee.


We statement.

Using “we” more often in your relationship allows partners to feel included “together”. As a couple’s therapist, I encourage couples to increase the practice of “we” statements. Examples aimed to improve your relationship are listed below.

  • We are a match made in heaven.
  •  We are awesome together.
  • We certainly know how to make love.
  • We are successful.
  • We have a beautiful home.
  • We make money to pay bills, vacations, or our child(s) tuition.
  • We are having problems with family.
  • We are experiencing a difficult time raising our children.
  • We have a strong relationship.



Create opportunities to demonstrate love as often as possible. One of my favorite books is the 5 love languages. It helps couples understand their way of accepting love.

Most of the time people think that there is a place and time for everything such as a place and time for kissing or holding hands. What people further presume is that physical gestures create an emotional connection that is only seen as kissing, holding hands, hugging, cuddling, or sex.

There are endless creative ways to show your partner that they are loved.:

  • While watching a movie at home give a foot massage.
  • While driving put your hand on their thigh.
  • While walking through a park have frequent touches around the hand and arm.
  • Write a love note.
  • Clean your partner’s car without being asked.
  • Complete your partner’s chores or duties.
  • Allow your partner to take a day for self-care.