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Play Therapy For Children In Greensboro NC

Play Therapy For Children In Greensboro NC

Kids benefit from play therapy because of the activities and the approach. Imagine this, your child walks into a therapy office and has their own therapy space. The play therapy room is sensory-focused and incorporates a wide variety of play therapeutic tools.


The counseling office has your back for kids that prefer the outdoor space! Our counselors love to take kids outside and use the outdoor therapeutic space to explore nature while helping your child grow into their best version.

Common benefits of play therapy:

  • Build self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Learn to take responsibility for your actions.
  • Process feelings and thoughts.
  • Empathy for others.
  • Practice time management skills.
  • Build self-awareness skills.
  • Learn to reduce stress.

Inside look at the play therapy room

What Is Play Therapy?

Play Therapy is a mental health method that utilizes toys, play, and related material to support your child in learning effective ways to shift their behavior, mindset, and overall mood. Children love play therapy because it’s fun and interactive.

Most kids learn best during play. They learn how to share, take turns, talk about their feelings, manage their mood, and so much more. Play therapy is a method of providing counseling to your child in a safe and comfortable space.

How Can It Help Children?

Play Therapy can help your child process feelings, communicate their thoughts in a healthy and constructive manner, and healthy coping skills. Key areas of growth include:

  • Using toys to support your child with expressing their thoughts and feelings.
  • Drawing, coloring, and painting help your child with navigating difficult emotions.
  • Play and toys to show your child how to problem solve and express their feelings.

What Parents Can Do To Help Their Child With Play Therapy?

One of the key ways that parents can help their kids is by showing up with a positive attitude. Remember, all great things in life take time. Your child will need you on their team as a positive and compassionate support person.

Help your child with therapy by focusing on the following:

  • Encourage your child to attend their play therapy sessions.
  • Be open to learning more about play therapy and its benefits.
  • Remove judgment and criticism.
  • When you see your child playing, try to observe and learn.
  • A shift from statements of “be good” to those provided to you by the play therapist. Such as helping your child express their feelings during difficult moments.
  • Be consistent.