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How Do Couples Successfully Resolve Conflict?

Couples that resolve conflict do so because they have a deep level of connection and respect for each other.

Connection isn’t optional in intimate relationships. It’s a pillar that is required to allow the relationship to have the ability to effectively discuss difficulties without hurting each other.

3 key areas that must be in your relationship if your goal is to get better at conflict resolution.

1. Space for support.

Your relationship must have a space that is open to receiving and giving support. This is seen when you feel safe sharing your thoughts and feelings with your partner. You feel that you can approach them, and they will honor the space as sacred.


2. Your needs are met.

Tranquility and deep contentment are found in your relationship when you feel that your desires and needs are being met. An example of this can be found in one partner sharing the need of desiring physical touch. The act makes them feel seen, wanted, and deeply loved. Their partner shows up to meet their need.


3. I see you. I hear you. I am with you.

Have you ever struggled to be your authentic self with someone in life? I bet that this was in no way a comfortable experience. When this takes place, it is extremely difficult to build a connection. Simply due to not being able to share your true and honest self.

Relationships that thrive and hold the pillar of connection do so because each partner actively works on creating a space of vulnerability and empowerment. Start counseling today to close the gap from where you are to where you want to be.

Lacking a connection with your partner can leave you feeling lost, insecure, and even physically in pain. This right away makes it difficult when attempting to resolve conflict. 

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