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Marriage Counseling Questions To Strengthen Your Relationship

131 Marriage Counseling Questions To Strengthen Your Relationship

Relationships grow when couples take time to slow down and connect. I want you to think about your relationship.

When was the last time that you purposefully connected with your partner?

Most couples have conversations and to some degree, they check-in. The conversation may be about the kids, the weather, or something odd that took place.

When working with couples, I find it vital to nurture the relationship with purposeful questions. The aim is that as a couple you slow down and actively try to listen to each other. The prompts below you can do in writing form or simply by talking to each other. 

How Relationship Can Improve Your Relationship

  • Learn to communicate effectively.
  • Practice forgiveness.
  • Effective conflict resolution.
  • Address root issues.
  • Improve physical and emotional intimacy.
  • Build healthy practice and habits.


131 Questions To Strengthen Your Relationship


  1. How did your childhood impact the way you show up in this relationship?

  2. What values do you want in our relationship?

  3. What would you like for us to do together more often?

  4. What would you like to do by yourself more often?

  5. What does great sex mean to you?

  6. What animal would you choose to match me?

  7. What are my financial goals?

  8. Do you believe in karma?

  9. Tell me 2 sexual fantasies you have?

  10. At what age did you lose your virginity?

  11. What do I like to do when I am stressed?

  12. What was your first heartbreak like?

  13. What is your favorite sex position?

  14. Have you ever felt jealous about me?

  15. How do you create goals?

  16. What song reminds you of me?

  17. After an argument, what do you want to do?

  18. How do you feel when you orgasm?

  19. What do you think about when you orgasm?

  20. How do you work to reach your goals?

  21. How did the heartbreak impact your life?

  22. What time of the day do you prefer to have sex?

  23. What did I wear during our first date?

  24. What is your definition of betrayal?

  25. How old were you when stopped believing in Santa Claus?

  26. Have you ever pretended to have an orgasm?

  27. What makes me feel safe?

  28. How does achieving goals together make you feel about us?

  29. How do you feel when you are generous?

  30. What is your zodiac sign?

  31. Have you ever physically fought anyone?

  32. When you first saw me, what was one thing that pulled you towards me?

  33. What physically attracted you to me when we first met?

  34. Do you believe that after passing we come back for a second life?

  35. What does romance in a relationship mean to you?

  36. What is your dream destination?

  37. Do you check your horoscope?

  38. What goals would you like for us to achieve together?

  39. If you could be any animal, what would you pick to be?

  40. What has influenced your relationship with money?

  41. What would you like to ask me, that you may feel hesitant to ask?

  42. What are habits that you are trying to work on?

  43. What is the most challenging financial situation you have been in?

  44. What does commitment in a relationship mean to you?

  45. Is our relationship what you pictured a relationship to be like growing up?

  46. What is my personality type?

  47. If you could have a spirit animal, what would it be?

  48. Would you like to try sex toys?

  49. Do you feel that you manage money well?

  50. Do you like to be surprised?

  51. Have you ever seen a ghost?

  52. What trip most influenced your life?

  53. Would you like to try wearing specific outfits to spice up our sex life?

  54. What would you like to be doing during retirement?

  55. What is your definition of honesty in a relationship?

  56. Have you ever experienced being cheated on?

  57. As a child, what meal did you most enjoy?

  58. While masturbating, do you ever think about me?

  59. Do you see yourself as a risk-taker?

  60. Are you more optimistic or pessimistic?

  61. Based on the zodiac signs, who are you compatible with?

  62. As a child, who did you most enjoy spending time with?

  63. If I could have lunch with anyone alive it would be?

  64. What are traditions you continue to practice?

  65. What are the objectives you would like to meet in this relationship?

  66. What are 10 things that make me happy?

  67. What are the names of my best friends?

  68. What are 5 qualities you like about me?

  69. Are there behaviors that you witnessed during your upbringing in which you actively try not to practice today in our relationship?

  70. What do I look for in a friend?

  71. One of my favorite books is?

  72. What is your zodiac animal?

  73. What brings me comfort?

  74. What were you like in middle school?

  75. What were you like in high school?

  76. What school subject did you most enjoy?

  77. What school subject did you dislike?

  78. What grudges are you holding on to?

  79. Who do you need to forgive to bring us closer together?

  80. My favorite movie is?

  81. Once you pass away, how do you want to be remembered?

  82. Once you pass away, who do you want to remember you?

  83. What are 3 experiences that have influenced me?

  84. What strengths attracted you to me?

  85. In your life, have you missed out on any opportunities that you continue to think about today?

  86. What do I do to recharge?

  87. When do you feel most secure in our relationship?

  88. When do you feel distant in our relationship?

  89. Who was one of my childhood friends?

  90. What quote reminds you of me?

  91. What are 5 words that describe me?

  92. When I was little, what did I want to grow up to do?

  93. What does it feel like to you our relationship is lacking?

  94. Do you find it easy or challenging to talk to me when our relationship is lacking?

  95. When you first met me, what attracted to you me?

  96. What do you cherish most about our relationship?

  97. What type of influence did my parents have on me?

  98. What would be written on your tombstone?

  99. Do you feel that you are living a life connected to the words on your tombstone?

  100. What are 10 random facts about me?

  101. Why did I pick my career path?

  102. Would you change anything about yourself?

  103. Describe a fun date?

  104. Describe a date that builds your arousal?

  105. What are my triggers?

  106. Which friend(s) continue to impact who you are?

  107. When you want me sexually, how do you feel?

  108. How often do I need space versus wanting to share space with you?

  109. What are the 5 items on my bucket list?

  110. When I touch you, like a hug or kiss, how do you feel?

  111. What is a recurring problem you are having?

  112. Who taught you to problem solve?

  113. When you feel stuck, do you reach out for help or try to do it yourself?

  114. Do you find it easy or challenging to forgive others?

  115. How do you know if I am sad?

  116. I’m away from you, such as at work. How do you feel?

  117. If I could have lunch with anyone that has passed, it would be?

  118. How do you know if I am upset?

  119. Which job continues to influence who you are today?

  120. What is my top love language?

  121. What is one lesson you learned from a past relationship?

  122. One of my pet peeves is?

  123. Have you ever hated someone?

  124. How has this relationship supported your growth in life?

  125. What did It feel like when you first said I love you?

  126. When we are on a date, how do you feel?

  127. Who taught you about money management?

  128. Are you a morning or night person?

  129. If you could live forever, would you?

  130. What is something I do that quickly turns you on?

  131. What is something I do that quickly turns you off?

Benefits To Couples Counseling

Gain tools to take your relationship to the next level.

Are you ready to start relationship counseling?

To start relationship counseling call our counseling office at 336-663-6570 or email [email protected]. The office coordinator will speak with you, learn what is taking place, and provide you with a counselor that fits your needs.