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Get Your Real Verifiable ESA Letter In Just One Session

Get Your Real Verifiable ESA Letter In Just One Session

Typically, the ESA letter can be completed in one counseling session. I say typically because every case is different. Some people start a session and are able to quickly share their thoughts and feelings. While others may simply need a little more time. Counselors at Santos Counseling PLLC work to give you space. A non-judgmental and constructive space aimed to support you with your therapeutic needs. In this case, it’s supported with the ESA letter. CLICK HERE to learn more about ESA Letters.

Who Can Prescribe An Emotional Support Animal Letter

You may have noticed the term “prescribe”. The term simply connects to the definition. Think about the ESA this way.

You are prescribed an ESA letter so that “X” takes place. A common example is, you are prescribed an ESA letter so that your pet can live in your housing facility.

It’s an interesting concept.

Okay, so who can prescribe an ESA letter?

The emotional support animal letter must come from a licensed mental health professional. It is encouraged that the professional providing the service is competent in the practice area, understands the entire process for the ESA letter, and has experience with conducting comprehensive assessments.

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Here are the golden rules when it comes to getting a real verifiable ESA letter.


How To Spot A Fake ESA Letter?

It seems like today, there are one too many random websites online promising one thing or another. Getting an ESA Letter requires a process and one that must be completed by a legitimate professional.

I share this with you, just so that you do not find yourself in an uncomfortable situation. Our counseling office has worked with individuals who were promised an ESA online and are only left with hard-earned money spent.

Below are key items to keep in mind that help in understanding a real versus fake ESA letter.

  • The ESA letter has to be provided by a licensed professional, such as a licensed mental health professional.


  • Ensure that the counselor you are working with understands the dynamic relationship between a support animal and the client. I always find this helpful. The reason is simple. The counselor is able to engage in the session by asking clinically effective sessions. Consider your support animal. Think about the support you receive. The feelings that you experience. The relief in mood or shift in emotion that take place. A clinically competent counselor can work to develop a clinically supportive ESA letter.


  • Stay away from ESA letters that give you instant approval. I remember having a past client share this piece of information with me. He got online and showed me the website. It was almost too good to be true. All we had to do was insert information, click some boxes, and the letter arrived. Again, stay away from this.


  • Understand the language between an emotional support animal and a service animal. Working with the right counselor gives you space to understand the difference and ensure that you are in the right space.

Getting Started With The ESA Letter

You can start by reaching out to our counseling practice. This can be done by clicking here.

The link above will give you access to a counselor with Santos Counseling PLLC. You can schedule a counseling appointment for your ESA letter online which takes place virtually or face to face. 

If you have any questions about the ESA Letter please contact Santos Counseling PLLC.