You are currently viewing 5 Trust Building Exercises To Help Your Relationship Grow Stronger

5 Trust Building Exercises To Help Your Relationship Grow Stronger

5 Trust Building Exercises To Help Your Relationship Grow Stronger


Are you finding it difficult to trust your partner?

Do you find yourself having this internal feeling that though you want to trust them, the past continues to push you not to?

What do you do when trust is broken in your relationship?


Rebuilding trust in a relationship takes commitment and consistency. Building trust in a relationship is something that all couples want to achieve as it directly builds love. Try the 5 exercises below to strengthen your relationship.


5 Trust Building Exercises To Help Your Relationship Grow Stronger


1. Choose one small thing to trust in your relationship.


The idea of trusting your partner entirely can feel like a massive task. A task that may steer you away from even wanting to try. My encouragement is that you shift away from trying to climb a mountain. Instead, take baby steps.

Consider small actions that are attainable. For instance, schedule a date with your partner where they are the ones to plan the date, the reservation, and so forth. Once your partner is able to complete this, you can use the opportunity to build trust.


2. Living in the present moment.


Building trust after an affair, betrayal or trauma in the relationship can be very difficult. You notice that even though positive things are taking place in your relationship, you continue to struggle to trust your partner. Part of this is connected to living in the past versus the present.


Try to make a shift where you are practicing mindfulness. This skill allows you to sit with the present and truly experience what is taking place.


3. Spending time building new experiences with your partner.


When couples actively commit to spending quality time focused on new experiences, they are opening the door to improving the relationship. You can start by scheduling one date per week which allows for new interaction and conversation.

The goal is simply to spend time together doing new things so that you can use the new experiences as spaces to improve the relationship.


4. Read a self-help book together.


There are ample books that focus on building trust and relationship growth. If you are recovering from an affair, check out the book, Re-Building Us. It’s a guide that helps couples heal and rebuild their relationship after infidelity.

5. Try couples therapy to help your relationship grow.


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