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LGBTQ Counseling For Teens

LGBTQ+ Teen Therapy

Santos Counseling PLLC offers a safe and therapeutic space for teens to explore their identities and develop empowerment in their life through reflection and personal growth.

Are you aware of how to support your child when they express that they are gay, lesbian, or bisexual? Most teens are questioning and exploring their identity and sexual orientation. And for this very reason, it’s vital that teens are provided with a healthy LGBTQ-affirming space.

Do you want to give your child a healthy and safe space to explore their identity?

LGBTQ Counseling For Teens In Greensboro, North Carolina. Helping Teens Explore Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Build Self-Acceptance, and LGBTQ Issues.

How LGBTQ+ Therapy Can Help Your Teen

Close your eyes and think about what it was like being a teen. Think about middle and high school. The ups and downs of trying to fit in. LGBTQ+ counseling for teens starts from a position of respect, safety, and understanding.

For many teens and their parents, the conversation about sexual orientation and identity is challenging. It’s often scary to talk about this topic and for this very reason, many avoid it.

We understand the unique challenges that parents and teens face and for this very reason, we are with you. Our goal is to support you with gaining tools aimed to help you manage difficult emotions, increase self-esteem and self-confidence, and develop a healthy sense of authenticity and identity.

Our counselors provide LGBTQ+ affirming therapy that can help empower teens to learn clinically effective ways to navigate the challenges connected with being a member of the LGBT community.

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3 Ways Working With A Counselor Can Help

There are ample ways that working with an LGBTQ+ affirming counselor can help your teen in life. Please know that each individual is unique and approaches counseling in their own manner. We encourage you to call our counseling office to get started.

  1. Counseling can help your teen learn how to cope with discrimination associated with the LGBTQ+ community. This often is seen as bullying and prejudice that can lead to emotional difficulties.
  2. Counseling can help your teen explore their identity in a healthy and open manner. This process includes an open discussion on topics like identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation.
  3. Counseling can help your teen develop a healthy level of self-acceptance and overall well-being.
  4. Counseling can help your teen learn about LGBTQ+ support groups, educational resources, and LGBTQ+ terminology.

Additional LGBTQ resources

  • LGBT National Youth Talkline (1-800-246-7743). Read more about the LGBT National Youth Talkline by clicking here.
  • The Trevor Project (1-866-488-7386). Read more about the Trevor Project by clicking here.