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How To Practice Emotional Self-Care

How To Practice Emotional Self-Care

You have your emotions on one side and self-care on the other. However, we can bring those two things together. The importance of engaging in emotional self-care is to help us feel like we are thriving. Plus, it will reduce fatigue and tiredness throughout the day. Have you ever felt completely overwhelmed and stressed? The pressure comes from our lack of emotional self-care; it’s essential to take care of yourself. If you don’t get water, then you get thirsty. Not taking care of yourself will lead to a side effect. Here are some activities that will help you practice emotional self-care:

Do a writing activity. 

Track your feelings and get some of the stuff that is inside of your head out on paper. If you are feeling stuck, just start writing down whatever you are thinking about. If you are feeling stressed, write down what is stressing you out. Another idea is looking up creative writing exercises. When you do short writing exercises, it increases creativity and will also make you a better writer.

Smile more often.

Make sure that you smile today! While you smile, your eyes get watery. Emotional self-care is giving yourself positive feelings like happiness, silliness, and joy. Are you having trouble smiling? Think of something you really like doing; it will help you create a sincere smile. Also, take a deep breath when you smile. When you do deep breathing, it helps reduce stress and relax.

Play with fun things. 

I like to play with bubbles, look at clouds, and jump on a trampoline. It allows you to tap into creativity and find joy in small moments.

Allow yourself to cry. 

Sometimes we restrict ourselves from tears coming out. However, when you limit yourself from something, it will build up. Eventually, it will come out with some aggression. Instead, give yourself a moment to cry.

Accept compliments. 

If you’re walking down the street and someone says they love your sweater – what do you do? Most people will disregard the comment. Other people will accept it. Today, allow yourself to walk through life, accepting compliments.

Express how you feel. 

Whether it’s through journaling or artwork, have space at least once a day where you share how you feel. You can do it at the gym, at home, with your therapist, or any way that fits you best.

Once you learn how to practice emotional self-care daily, you can start to become your authentic self. Growing into your authentic self is a journey that can be achieved. If you’re wondering how to start doing this, I have a YouTube video to explain it. In the video, I share how you can use your values, beliefs, ideas, and experiences to nurture your authentic self. Check it out here: How To Become Your Authentic Self.

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