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How To Find A Great Counselor

How To Find A Great Counselor

I’m excited about your journey and this wonderful step of working with a counselor. Finding a good counselor does take a little bit of insight. I am hopeful in thinking that there are ample effective and expert-level counselors in Greensboro, North Carolina.

What To Look For When Choosing A Counselor

1. Find a competent counselor.

Try to find a counselor that holds expertise in your area of need. Before choosing a counselor, do a little bit of research. Try to speak with the counselor or research them enough to learn about their educational and professional experience. This will give you insight in learning if the counselor’s background fits what you are searching for. Click Here to read about the counselors.

2. Find a compassionate counselor.

One of the most important items that I want you to look for in a counselor is kindness and non-judgmental. Find a counselor that is supportive, kind, respectful, and a good listener. Take a look at the counselor’s to read more about them.


3. Find a counselor that continues to learn and grow.

The counselors at Santos Counseling PLLC practice this consistently. We focus on identifying clinical training that builds skills in areas pertinent to those that we serve. As you search for a good counselor, please keep in mind this area. You’ll find your progress in clinical treatment directly connected to it.