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Help Me With Self-Care

I truly hope that you are having a terrific 2016. Its only 17 days into the month and yet, I want you to start it off on the right track. Last year is an experience. It is something to look back on (or better yet – to reflect on) as you grow and move forward.

I want you to give yourself one simple gift this year. You can call it a New Years resolution if you want. If not – that’s 100% okay by me. I’m not the biggest fan of resolutions (kind of seems like a wish without a plan). And if you know me – I love to plan and remain organized!

This year, this 2016 – give yourself SELF-CARE.

Laugh and Smile more! Treat yourself to ice cream, camping trips, long walks, or one too many spa days. Right here and now. Think about “better yet” – jot down on that savvy phone of yours 5 ways that you can truly give yourself self-care. Don’t be shy. You deserve it. You work hard, you’re patient, dedicated, beautiful, smart, and so much more. Treat yourself.

The secret to truly investing in yourself is understand that their is a scary monster waiting on the other side “if you do not treat yourself”. You see, the thing is – if you continue to work hard and push yourself over and over it’ll come to a sad crashing end. You may experience stress, worry, or anxiety.

You probably have experienced a little bit of what I am talking about. People that love you. Your kids, friends and those that care about you – want you to be as close to 100% as possible. Because if you aren’t… that “little monster called stress and anxiety” will get you and take over.

This year, this 2016 – invest in your health & your happiness


Last year in 2015 I created an eBook called 5 Days to a healthier better you. I first sold it and quickly took it off the market because I wanted to give it to my clients and the readers of santoscounseling as a supportive tool.


Personal changes I can make

Treat yourself to whatever it is that you may want. Treating yourself literally means that you find some activity or thing for you. Below are a few examples:

  • For parents: Mothers and fathers you may find that treating yourself means a mini-vacation without the kids. Drop your babies off at a relatives or local daycare for a few hours. Go out to a local Starbucks or even a day-spa. When you are there, please do not think about your child. They are okay.
  • For 9-5 workers: Use one of those PTO days you have been saving. Or after work do something that you desire to do but are typically “too busy for”. The options are endless. I really want you find something that will bring a smile and sense of relief to your face.
  • Kids-Tweens- Teens: Give yourself a break from the school work. Treat yourself to an hour of video game time or a delicious bowl of ice cream.
  • Take a much needed nap. You are not too old or too busy for a well deserved nap. Wake up revitalized and focused.

Self-care is a very important part of your life and should be something that you are implementing each and every day. Once you have achieved a desired level of self-care you should realistically feel less burden/stress from previously stressful activities – such as work, family obligations, or simply life itself.

Learn to create healthy balance

Do you remember back in elementary school or throughout K-12? You like so many other students had a calendar or some sort of syllabus that you lived by. Since the day that you stepped into school, teachers have trained you to stick to some sort of schedule.

Schedules help create balance as they provide a tool that allows you to dictate where to invest your time and energy.

How can I create healthy balance?…

Below are a few recommendations that can help reduce stress in your life and create happiness.

  • Add a schedule to your phone with reminders that vibrate or ring.
  • Each morning review and edit your physical or electronic schedule.
  • Reward yourself for small and large changes.
  • Sync your schedule with your partner or a friend that can help you remain motivated.


I want to give you a gift – that is FREE and is TARGETED to help you become a healthier better you.

My eBook

Click the link below to receive your free eBook

5 Days to a Healthier Better You (priced at $19.99)


FREE for you! Happy New Year my friends 🙂

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