You are currently viewing 6 Holistic Ways To Reduce Stress And How Counseling Can Help

6 Holistic Ways To Reduce Stress And How Counseling Can Help

6 Holistic Ways To Reduce Stress And How Counseling Can Help


1. Use music to lower stress.

I want you to think about a song that truly impacts your mood. Music is a powerful tool that supports mental health recovery and growth.

A wonderful and creative way to reduce stress is by using music. You can use music by first identifying how you want to feel. For instance, if you are wanting to feel calmness try to create a playlist that is focused on the desired shift.

All you have to do is find a quiet and distraction-free space to listen to your music.

One recommendation, give this a real try. Sometimes one song will not give you the change you are searching for. Keep pushing.


2. Practice soothing your muscles.

Have you ever experienced a massage?

What was it like for you?

Massaging muscles include physical touch. This practice directly promotes the release of oxytocin which works to reduce stress, increase calmness, and active the vagus nerve which further promotes stress reduction and self-compassion.

Next time you are feeling stressed try to give yourself a massage. You can start by giving yourself a hand massage.

Start in a sitting position. Gently massage one hand using the other. Massage your fingers and palms. Take your time. If you have oil such as lavender, try to use it.

3. Go for a mindful walk.

There is walking and then there is a mindfulness walk.

A holistic way to reduce stress is by walking with the practice of mindfulness. When walking try to focus on the sensation of touch. Think about how the skin on your arms feels when the wind hits it. Focus on how your feet feel each stride you take.

Do your best during the walk to connect the sensation of touch to the elements around you.

At the end of the walk, I hope that you notice a reduction in stress.

Click here to learn more about how working with a counselor can help.


4. Write a healing letter to your future self.

This is a healing exercise that reduces stress.

I want you to think about how you feel. Consider what the stress is doing to you today. How the stress is impacting your mind and body.

Once you feel connected to the stress that you are experiencing, I want you to get ready for the writing process.

Your future self is healing and not experiencing stress.

Your future self is writing to you to let you know how they are doing. To let you know that they are healing and no longer experiencing the stress. Your future self will share with you what is working in life and they will praise you and give you love.


5. Spend time with your support circle

If possible, connect with your support system.

A support system can provide you with a safe and non-judgmental space to share how you are doing while receiving supportive feedback.


6. Work with a counselor.

Have you considered working with a counselor?

Counseling provides you with a space to heal, recover and move forward in life. Below are the benefits of working with a counselor.

  • Learn to express thoughts and feelings in a healthy way.
  • Remove resentment.
  • Heal in a healthy way.
  • Build healthy habits and behaviors.
  • Grow a healthy support system.
  • Build a healthy relationship with yourself and others.

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