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59 Journal Prompts To Start The New Year

59 Journal Prompts To Start The New Year

I came across an interesting article in the New York Times magazine stating that over five million journals and dairies are sold annually. The reading brought a smile to my face. In my view, diaries and journals are tools that can be used to cultivate a positive mindset, engage in mindfulness, nurture healing, set and achieve goals, and promote personal growth.

As a mental health counselor, I have consistently viewed writing as a personal and enduring endeavor that invites self-reflection. As you step into the New Year, consider implementing the practice of journal writing. With each pen stroke or keyboard tap, you’ll uncover a channel for expression, growth, and healing. Below are journal prompts designed to guide you on a journey into the new year. CLICK HERE to purchase the self-exploration journal.

  1. What was the key highlight of your year?
  2. Discuss a dream that you would like to achieve in the new year.
  3. What are the qualities that you appreciated most about yourself in the previous year?
  4. What was a specific moment when you felt supported in the previous year?
  5. What acts of kindness do you plan to give to yourself in the new year?
  6. What type of get-togethers would you like to have in the new year?
  7. How can you learn more about yourself in the new year?
  8. What are three things you love about the previous year?
  9. What are three ways you can show yourself love in the new year?
  10. Share a memory that you think has influenced you in the previous year.
  11. Discuss a goal you would like to continue to work towards in the new year.
  12. What is one challenge you overcame in the previous year?
  13. What are two ways that you can strengthen your relationship bond with your friends and family?
  14. Describe a special moment from the previous year that you haven’t shared with others.
  15. What do you value most about the previous year?
  16. How has your communication style improved in the previous year?
  17. Discuss a movie that highlights the previous year.
  18. Discuss a TV show that highlights the previous year.
  19. If we could travel anywhere together, where would you like to go in the new year?
  20. What are five accomplishments from the past year that you are proud of?
  21. Name three people you helped in some way the previous year.
  22. Reflect on the most important lesson you learned in the previous year.
  23. List two habits you want to foster in the new year.
  24. Name two behaviors you want to reduce in the new year.
  25. Reflect on your favorite memory from the previous year.
  26. List five words that capture the essence of the previous year.
  27. Identify how you plan to create balance in life in the new year.
  28. Describe a project you would like to take on in the new year.
  29. Reflect on how you can practice slowing down in the new year.
  30. Name two books, podcasts, or educational resources you want to take on in the new year.
  31. Reflect on a trip from the previous year that you are thankful for.
  32. What is one out-of-your-comfort-zone activity you would like to explore in the new year?
  33. List two strengths you want to utilize in the new year.
  34. Identify how you can use positive self-talk to help you achieve your goals in the new year.
  35. Name one quote that best represents the previous year.
  36. Identify three new things you want to learn in the new year.
  37. Write a letter of gratitude to your past self for all you did in the previous year.
  38. List three financial goals you would like to meet in the new year.
  39. Reflect on the growth in your character during the previous year.
  40. Name one hobby you would like to take on in the new year.
  41. Reflect on the boundaries you want to acquire in the new year.
  42. What is one new skill you would like to acquire in the new year?
  43. What mantra do you want to guide you in the new year?
  44. What are your top five priorities in the new year?
  45. Describe a small gesture that made you feel loved in the previous year.
  46. Describe a small gesture that made you feel appreciated in the previous year.
  47. Share a funny moment from the previous year.
  48. Discuss an interest you’d like to explore in the new year.
  49. Share a spiritual goal you would like to pursue in the new year.
  50. Share a specific concern you would like to continue to address in the new year.
  51. Describe a time when you felt truly understood in the previous year.
  52. What role did culture play in the previous year?
  53. What values would you like to instill in the new year?
  54. What are you no longer willing to compromise on in the new year?
  55. Describe a time when you felt challenged in a relationship in the previous year.
  56. Share two goals related to self-improvement and discuss how you can meet them.
  57. What role will gratitude play in the new year?
  58. How did technology impact the previous year?
  59. Share an aspiration for your relationship(s) and discuss steps to attain it in the new year.

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