You are currently viewing Day 4 of Managing and Healing from Anxiety

Day 4 of Managing and Healing from Anxiety

Common Anxiety symptoms include:

  • Problems focusing or concentrating.
  • Difficulty making decisions or making up your mind.
  • Daydreaming or feeling as if you are in a “trance” like state.
  • Physical changes such as Hand Tremors.
  • Feeling overly sweaty.
  • Nervousness.
  • Feeling on edge.
  • Easily provoked or agitated.

Managing and Healing from anxiety

Welcome to your Day 4 Dedicated to Managing and Healing from Anxiety!

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Today’s 6-minute anxiety management session is all about helping you understanding anxiety, the symptoms that connect to anxiety, the triggers associated with anxiety, and ways to build healthy coping skills for anxiety.

This special anxiety management practice invites you to understand anxiety and how to create healthy coping skills.

I would love to hear how you are feeling in your journey of managing and healing from anxiety.