Premarital counseling helps couples create a lasting relationship

You are here because the idea of counseling focused on marriage preparation is the next step to take. In the United States over 50% of marriages end up in divorce and second marriages are even higher. Obviously, the goal is to stay as far away from that number as possible. Premarital counseling is probably exactly what you are thinking of. You work together with your counselor with the focus on creating a foundation that will give you the tools to have a healthy lasting and HAPPY relationship. At the end of the day, being able to have fun now and tomorrow when you are 89 years old still kicking and living your best life. We are committed to helping couples and are listed in Greensboro, North Carolina as the top 3 best marriage counselors in Greensboro.

The key to premarital counseling is to help couples have a conversation about what they need to do to now so that they can be ready tomorrow:

  • Overcome challenges that are likely to take place
  • To understand how to build a healthy friendship
  • Learn to focus on the issue versus attacking each other
  • Find balance in key areas like family, religion, raising kids…
  • To utilize and practice the love languages
  • To understand how mental health and personalities impact the relationship
  • Lastly, to have the toolkit to address common issues in your relationship as well as ways to strengthen your relationship

Premarital counseling is designed for couples seeking to create a partnership that is strong, healthy, and realistic for marriage. Together with your counselor, you will cover topics that help you improve the success of your marriage by focusing on ways to overcome common marriage issues that are associated with the risk of divorce and creating a foundation that fuels a relationship with harmony and connection.

Common Question About Counseling

Counseling Can Help

Paying For Counseling

Counseling payments and insurance can be difficult to understand. Your counselor can provide you with a superbill, this is a document that allows you to use your out-of-network benefit. This often helps with providing you with reimbursement from your insurance company. CLICK HERE to read more about our fees.

How Many Sessions

Premarital counseling is different than other relationship counseling services as the focus is on setting a foundation for the future. Typically couples can expect between 5 to 10 sessions. The number of sessions depends on the work that takes place.

Are Therapy Session Virtual or In Office?

Counseling sessions are confidential and private both in-person and online. Your therapist will discuss details regarding confidentiality in more detail during your session. Our counselors utilize HIPAA-compliant systems aimed to provide high standards for confidentiality and privacy. In addition, our counselors are able to provide therapy online in the State of North Carolina. Our counselors are licensed in North Carolina and can provide online therapy to anyone in the state. This includes Wilmington, Raleigh, Durham, Charlotte, Fayetteville, Winston-Salem, Burlington, Asheboro, and every other city in North Carolina. We are here to help.

Areas of Focus in Premarital Counseling

Building a Lasting Foundation 

The focus here is to help couples learn how to understand each other’s needs by creating a healthy space for communication. One of the key reasons couples seek counseling is due to difficulties connected to communication. Marriage preparation helps couples learn how to build a safe and healthy space for open communication focused on meeting each other’s needs. This is a special place where partners can meet halfway and communicate their concerns without hurting each other or avoiding challenging topics. Couples will learn how to resolve conflict versus struggling to communicate and opening a relationship to secrecy.

Self-Discovery “why I react the way I that I do”

Premarital counseling helps couples learn how to engage in the process of self-discovery. You will learn more about each other’s personalities, mental health, life goals, and love language with the focus on coming together and working together. Couples learn how to build a line of communication that aids in aligning their life together.

 Hot Topics To Discuss

Marriage preparation aims to help couples understand how family differences, upbringing, conflict, leadership, money, and the wedding influence marriage. At the end of the day, these are topics that when discussed should have a safe and productive space. Couples are encouraged to discuss common topics that are known to lead to divorce. Couples learn how to come together as a team, understand why the topics are important, and build balance in learning how to be present for each other today and each day after.

Commitment and Trust

Couples identify the puzzle pieces that make up a healthy loving marriage by taking time to understand the essence of trust and commitment. Partners work to create individual mission statements lined with core values that resemble their ideal version of a healthy loving marriage. The work that takes place here helps couples navigate potential ups and downs in the future.