Greensboro Adult Therapy Group 

Who is the group for?

The therapy group is for adults that strive to grow into their best version, build healthy relationships, and achieve a healthy level of self-worth and confidence. The group will be very private and relaxed, with participants in total.

This group is for adults that want help with:

  • Building productive and healthy habits.
  • Increasing self-confidence.
  • Becoming part of a fun and interactive support group.
  • Creating ways to share how feelings in a comfortable manner.
  • Developing a healthy mindset.

Topics Covered In The Group

— don’t forget, you must register before showing up —

Group Psychotherapy Near Me Helping Adults To Improve Their Mental Health And Address Difficulties In Life.

Building Healthy Relationships

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Replacing Negative Habits and Behaviors

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Navigating Adulthood

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Positive Mindset