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Hi, Jacy King!

Let me start by saying that my heart is fully invested in being your counselor. My passion lies in helping teens, families, and adults navigate challenges with genuine compassion. In our time together, we’ll explore stress, family dynamics, relationships, and self-esteem in a way that’s not just professional but deeply about you. After all, this is your space.

I believe in the authentic and transformative power of therapy. My commitment is to stand with you from the very first session, offering a therapeutic approach that blends Narrative Therapy, Gottman Therapy, and Emotionally Focused Therapy.I take great pride in being an LGBTQ and BIPOC-affirming counselor, creating a space where your unique experiences are not only acknowledged but truly embraced with genuine compassion.

Each session is crafted to address your individual needs, and tailored in a way that helps you feel comfortable and confident in the work we will do. If you’re searching for a counselor who isn’t just a professional guide but a genuine ally in your pursuit of well-being, I’m here to walk beside you.

Counselor In Greensboro, North Carolina For Anxiety, Depression, And Family Therapy.

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LGBTQ Counseling In Greensboro, North Carolina. Affirming Counselor That Works With LGBTQ Adults.
Family Counseling In Greensboro, North Carolina.
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Common Questions About Counseling

How can I contact your counseling office?

  • Phone: 336-663-6570
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Fax: 336-907-3461
  • Address: 411 Dolley Madison Road, Greensboro NC 27410

What are the fees for the counseling services?

CLICK HERE to read about our fees. Please call us at 336-663-6570 or email [email protected] if you have questions.

What specialized services do you offer for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ individuals?

Our counseling office offers specialized therapy services that are tailored to the unique needs and experiences of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ individuals. We do this by approaching our clinical work with cultural awareness, sensitivity, and LGBTQ+ affirmation. This approach fosters a supportive and understanding environment.

Are your counselors trained in cultural competency and diversity issues?

Absolutely. The counselors at Santos Counseling PLLC, are licensed and have engaged in ethical and cultural courses aimed to support with the continuous training in cultural competency and diversity issues. As a counseling practice, we are committed to staying informed and proficient in addressing the diverse challenges faced by our clients.

How do you create a safe and inclusive space for clients from diverse backgrounds?

Our counseling office creates and maintains a safe and inclusive space for clients from diverse backgrounds by honoring and respecting unique backgrounds. We strive to foster a safe and inclusive space where everyone feels valued, heard, and respected.

Can I request a counselor who shares my cultural or LGBTQ+ identity?

Picking the right counselor is important and we will do our best to guide you in the right direction. Our goal is to hear your needs and help you work with someone that you are comfortable with. Our counselors are trained to provide competent and compassionate care.

How can I schedule an initial consultation, and what can I expect in the first session?

Scheduling your initial counseling session is easy. You can call the office or email ([email protected]) to get started. In the counseling session first session, you can expect to discuss your goals, concerns, and key items of the counseling process.

Is there difference between a counselor and a psychiatrist?

Psychiatrists complete medical school training and specialize in medication management for patient treatment. They can work in similar settings as counselors. In addition to offering support through medication management, psychiatrists provide brief counseling. Counselors, such as Licensed Mental Health Counselors, are highly trained in comprehending the impact of medication and engage in providing psychotherapy. Counselors’ expertise lies in effectively supporting patients facing mental health difficulties through psychotherapy. This is a therapeutic approach extending beyond 30 minutes and spanning over a period of time. Working with a counselor for several months to years can be common. The collaboration between psychiatrists and counselors is essential to providing comprehensive and effective support for the patient’s well-being.

How can I really benefit from a counseling session?

Throughout your counseling process, you will encounter numerous opportunities for positive changes and moments of clarity. Your counselor will work collaboratively with you to develop goals that align with the specific reasons prompting your counseling process. One of the keys to getting the most out of counseling sessions is active engagement, doing the work outside of the counseling session, and showing honesty.