(Counselor) is very good at making someone feel comfortable. It is evident in his combination of professionalism, and care that he is motivated to help you meet your goals and get better.


Santos Counseling is wonderful. (Counselor) is the type of counselor that can relate to all ages. I have been to other counselors and he is by far the best in the Greensboro area.


(Counselor) is a very knowledgeable and talented therapist. He is very respectful, and he also makes you comfortable during sessions. He helps me navigate my thoughts and emotions, and equipped me with "tools" I need to rationalize my thought process. I always recommend him to anyone I know who is looking for a skilled, knowledgeable therapist. Sessions with him were the best investment in my emotional/mental well-being. I'm definitely coming back to him should I ever need help.


“(My counselor) was a great listener and helped me find ways to address my issues. I felt supported and honestly can't wait until our next session!!!


  “I felt comfortable from the first session. (My Counselor) was approachable and accessible. It was easy for me to open up right away. I'm happy that I choose to work with Santos Counseling and I'll certainly refer my friends."

Welcome friends!

My name is Amber and specializes in helping anxious people, families understand how to overcome challenges while coming together,  children on the Autism Spectrum, and supporting people navigate mood challenges and the journey of life.

I’m excited that you are considering counseling. It’s a big step and in my opinion, one that should be thought out. I like to encourage everyone that I work with to take time to find a counselor that’s a good fit. Someone you relate to and that you feel comfortable with. To help you get to know me, I’ve taken time to share a picture of me, a video, and my background.

Clients typically work with me because I’m down to earth and I like to make psychology simple. My sessions are relaxed and constructive. I love giving homework so that you have work to do in the session and outside of it. I like to share who I am so it doesn’t feel like you do not know me. At the end of the day, we are building a relationship and trust is important.

I’m excited to work with you! 

To schedule an appointment call 336-663-6570 or click here to use the online portal.

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Calmness For Depression

Depression often impacts people by causing symptoms that can include a decrease in energy, low mood, lack of motivation, and low self-esteem. Counseling can create transformational growth in so many ways. Together with your counselor, you are able to learn the deep rooted-issues connected to depression while developing healthy coping skills aimed at reducing the bad or negative symptoms. Each session gives you space to share your story while learning clinically effective ways to improve self-confidence, self-esteem, and happiness. Start counseling today. 

Counseling For Anxious People

Do you struggle with anxiety? Do you have moments that your worry feels out of control and difficult to manage? Living with anxiety can be challenging and often lead to difficult moments. Everyone has their own version of anxiety. For some, it’s a struggle to engage in confrontation. For others, it’s experiencing difficulty sleeping or noticing that the way you eat changes based on how anxious you feel. I love helping anxious people understand why they struggle with anxiety and build clinically effective ways to tame it. You are in every way able to live your best life with anxiety. 

Healing Struggling Families

Family counseling can be exactly what you are searching for. The environment is created by you and your therapist. Together, goals are developed, questions are answered, and a clear plan is outlined to help build confidence and happiness in your family system. Amber is a clinician that loves working with families. To schedule with Amber call the office, email her at [email protected] or click here to schedule

Autism and Confidence

Amber loves working with children and families on the Autism spectrum. She provides play therapy and believes that we should focus on our strengths and know that without a doubt we can work to build our best life. Amber uses a special approach that incorporates play therapy and her clinical background as a way to connect and build a genuine relationship with those she serves. Are you ready to work with Amber? 

College Students

The journey of the college student isn’t always a fun packed weekend with one too many drinks. Sometimes it’s feeling alone in your dorm room regardless of how many people are around. It’s struggling to catch up and just when you thought you did, you are behind again. It’s working to somehow prepare now so that tomorrow things will work out. Amber remembers her years as a college student. The courses, the interactions, and as a therapist she has found herself with a desire to work with college students seeking counseling. If you are a college student and seeking counseling, take time to connect with Amber. Call 336-663-6570 to schedule an appointment or send her an email to ask questions [email protected]


Counseling can be an exciting journey. It doesn’t have to be what we see on TV. Sitting across from a person holding a clipboard. Staring at you and you staring at them. A weird awkwardness.

No. Not here.

Counseling is this beautiful process. It’s warm and inviting. There are moments of laughter and others of calmness. You get to stand when you talk or sit. You get to share what feels comfortable and learn how to address the areas that are a little bit more difficult.  

Your sessions can be online or in the office. It depends on what fits your needs.

Online sessions are easy to program and start. You can start by click here. That link will send you to the online portal to schedule your online counseling session. In the portal, you will see a list of counselors. It’s important to pick the one that best fits your needs. This will be the person that you will get to know and trust as you work to address challenges and create growth.

All of your intake documents will be sent to you electronically using the online portal. You will receive appointment reminders that come via email and text. Your online counseling appointment will take place via phone if you prefer the style or through a secure video platform. Very similar to FaceTime or Zoom. The main difference is that the online counseling session will take place using a secure and private video platform.

When you start counseling, you’ll notice that there will be structure to the sessions. The counselor will go over what’s called a treatment plan. In simple words, it’s this document that your counselor will create to highlight why you are seeking counseling, what you are struggling with, and the goals that you have.