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Are you a young adult looking to start counseling?

It’s common during your 20s to find yourself lost, dealing with childhood wounds, working to climb the corporate ladder, yearning to build an intimate relationship so that you can set your roots, or striving to find out what your purpose is in life. Working with a counselor can help you find purpose and direction.

During your 20’s it’s common to find yourself experiencing:

  • Relationship challenges.
  • Struggling to identify your values and the purpose of your life.
  • Need a space to reflect and focus on your personal needs.
  • Challenges with family and peer relationships.
  • Facing childhood trauma or negative experiences that you went through.
  • Needing support with building balance in your personal and work life.
  • Seeking help with learning healthy habits and positive ways to deal with difficult situations.

When you start counseling, the first session is focused on you. Taking time to understand your unique story and what brought you to seeking therapy. During the session, the counselor works with you to develop what is called a treatment plan.

The treatment plan focuses on the goals that you have and ways to address them. For instance, a typical college student may share that their goal is to build healthy relationships and find strength in the decisions they are making in life. The counselor works to understand what you are sharing by reflecting with you on the information and creating a plan that will guide the future sessions.

Counseling In North Carolina For Young Adults That Need Help With Anxiety, Depression, And Living Their Best
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Common reasons young adults seek counseling include:

  • Struggling to fit in while in college
  • Sexual assault
  • Desire to build coping skills
  • Support with improving self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Living purposefully while building happiness
  • Addressing worry and anxiety challenges
  • Relationship issues
  • Family challenges
  • Improving self-care

Counseling can be exactly what you are looking for because our office counselors get it. Each of the counselors attended college and experienced ups and downs. The endless nights of feeling overly stressed because of exams. The worry of fitting in. Struggling to find purpose while dealing with everything around us and the challenges of the past.