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Couples Workshop

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The workshop is based on research and loaded with action-oriented strategies for improving relationships

Juan Santos Greensboro Therapist at Santos Counseling Near Greensboro, NC

About The Presenter

Dr. Juan Santos, Ph.D.  is listed as the top 3 best marriage counselors in Greensboro. He utilizes a blend of strategies with the focus always being on awakening couples and promoting a balance of healing and growth. Dr. Santos is the author of “ReBuilding Us: A Guide For Healing Your Relationship” and “Couples Workbook; Making Your Relationship Work“. He has been featured on live TV, radio, publications, conferences, and workshops that include but are not limited to the Huff Post,  News 2 WFMY,  102.1 ,, and Triad Mom On Main Street.

The Relationship Workshop Covers:

  • Keys To Improving Communication.
  • Creating A Safe Space In Your Relationship.
  • Addressing Conflict Without Becoming Enemies.
  • Balancing Teamwork and Independence.

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Workshop Details

Dr. Santos’ workshop provides participants with a mixture of education and actionable steps to take.

You will deepen your understanding of the pillars of building a healthy and successful relationship. Ensure that your relationship does not get stuck or fall into the trap of divorce. The workshop can be attended from the comfort of your home.

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Common Questions About The Workshop

Will Juan personally conduct the workshop?

Yes. Juan Santos will be present during the presentation and leading the workshop.

Can I attend workshop individually?

Yes. The workshop will teach you the skills and knowledge needed to build a healthy and successful relationship.

Is the workshop appropriate for LGBTQ couples?

Yes. All couples and backgrounds are welcome. We are here to build happiness and relationship success! 

Is the workshop appropriate for premarital couples?

Yes. This is a great way to build a solid foundation for your relationship. Way to be proactive! 

Do I have to participate in the workshop?

No. The workshop gives you space to sit back from the comfort of your home and learn. You will gain ample tools and knowledge that you can apply right away.

Is the workshop for couples that do not have serious issues?

Yes. This is a great way to identify avenues of relationship healing and growth that have not been explored. You can use this opportunity to identify areas of growth in the current issues that are taking place as well as build a foundation of success for your relationship. 

Is the workshop appropriate for couples that are considering divorce or separation?

Yes. This is a great way to build clarity in the decisions that have been made as well as identify avenues of relationship healing and growth that have not been explored. 

How effective is the workshop?

The workshop takes a unique approach by implementing research and grounded activities that you can walk away with to implement in your relationship. The presented uses a mixture of applicable tools and storytelling to guide participants in understanding how to build a healthy relationship.

Who can attend the workshop?

The workshop is open to individuals and couples. Common participants include couples that are seriously dating, singles, persons dating, married couples, couples that are engaged in couples therapy, and more. This is an unbiased and open workshop open to all persons and cultural backgrounds, nationalities, races, financial status, professions, abilities, and religions.

Is the workshop cost per person or couple?

The fee is per couple if you are attending as a couple. If you are attending individually, the fee is for your attendance. 

Is the workshop confidential?

The workshop is virtual taking place through an online platform. To help protect your confidentiality, we encourage that when using the video platform for the presentation you list your name in a manner that makes you feel comfortable. For some, this means listing their name with a code versus the actual name. You do not have to participate. The nature of the workshop if founded on providing a presentation that gives you space to learn and later apply the content.

Do we have to be married to attend the workshop?

No. The workshop is proven to be effective whether you come together or by yourself.

Is the workshop that same as counseling/therapy?

No. The workshop is not the same as counseling or therapy due to counseling/therapy establishing a client and counselor relationship. The workshop is an event open to all parties and holds no established client and counselor relationship. 

What do I need to bring to the workshop?

You do not have to bring anything other than yourself. You may find it helpful to have something to write with for notetaking but that is completely up to you. It’s important to give yourself space to be present and in a distraction-free place.

Marriage Counseling In Greensboro North Carolina

Get To Know Dr. Juan Santos, Ph.D.

The truth is that between 40 and 50 % of couples reach divorce in the U.S. and the number increases for second marriages. I’m not sharing this to scare you. Instead, to put things into perspective.

All couples want to have a relationship that makes them feel loved, seen and supported. A relationship that pushes you to go home because you are so excited to see your partner. A relationship where you feel safe to share your concerns, you are not walking on eggs, and you have the freedom to speak your mind.

My name is Juan Santos, and I love building knowledge in understanding how to nurture healthy relationships. I nerd out on the topic by reading tons of books, attending educational workshops, and working as a couple’s therapist for years. I’m also a husband and father of two, so I certainly receive day-to-day experience in the journey of navigating marriage.

The relationship has an immense impact on our life. You know this and have lived it. A person that is struggling in their relationship often faces difficulties in other areas of life. For instance, struggling to show up at work because your mind is stuck on the issues in the relationship. On the other hand, a person that has a satisfying home life tends to feel contentment in other areas of life such as work and social life.

People often reflect on:

  • Why do relationships reach separation?
  • Why do couples go from the honeymoon state to I can’t stand you?

My approach to answering the questions above and helping couples improve their relationship is heavily influenced by research, years of clinical experience in working with hundreds of couples, and understand relationship growth among varying cultures that span outside of the U.S.

I’ve developed a fun and simple-to-implement process for helping couples reach happiness and satisfaction in their relationship by tapping into the following core areas. It’s a club. I’d love for you to join it.

C.L.U.B stands for:

  • Consistency. The focus is on being reliable so that you can show up and do the work.
  • Love. The focus here is on building an emotional connection.
  • Understanding. The focus here is to increase your discovery of your partner and yourself.
  • Boundaries. The focus here is to let into your life what serves you and remove what doesn’t.


Join the CLUB and strengthen your relationship.

The workshop goes over each of the key areas Consistency, Love, Understanding, and Boundaries with the goal of giving you the knowledge and tools to improve your relationship.

relationship and marriage workshop focused on improving communication

Please Note: This is a live online/virtual event. We recommend that you have reliable internet. Once you complete the registration form above, we will reach out to you for registration information that will include the link to the event and payment.