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Can A Licensed Counselor Write An ESA Letter

Can A Licensed Counselor Write An ESA Letter


Counselors can be trained in many areas. Some focus on building expertise with couples. Others take time to develop competence for ESA Letters.

When choosing a counselor to support you with your ESA Letter consider the counselor’s background. This will provide insight into understanding if it will be a good fit.

ESA stands for Emotional Support Animal. Counselors, therapists, and other medical professionals can provide ESA letters to persons that meet the qualifications. 

The office of Santos Counseling PLLC has counselors that understand the clinical and logistic aspects when it comes to writing ESA letters and conducting therapy sessions for persons seeking ESA letters.

A counselor can write an ESA Letter as long as the counselor holds skill and competence in the area. The key reason that this is shared is that the ESA letter does not end in the counseling office. CLICK HERE to read more about ESA Letters.

After you complete the ESA Letter and have it in your hand. You will more than likely submit it to a person. You may submit it to your apartment complex. At that point, the apartment complex may reach out to the counselor to inquire about certain questions.

The last thing we want to take place is that you go see a person for your ESA letter and it flops. Our office has supported individuals seeking ESA Letters. We have noticed from time to time that there are “persons” in the community or even online claiming to provide ESA Letters. Only to leave the recipient seeking the ESA letter having to do the process again.  

Before you start counseling for an ESA letter, take time to speak with your counselor. Ask questions so that you feel prepared and comfortable.

Common questions to ask your counselor when seeking an ESA letter?

  • What is an ESA Letter?
  • What does a typical counseling session look like for an ESA Letter?
  • How many sessions for an ESA Letter?
  • What is included in the ESA Letter?
  • Do I need to bring my pet for the ESA Letter?

Can I Do My ESA Letter With An Online Therapist?

Since the COVID pandemic, there has been a strong shift to the online space. Counselors, among other professionals, have shifted to including online services.

As a counseling practice, we want to reassure you that the same focus and support is provided when utilizing online therapy.

Online therapy works very similarly to face-to-face counseling sessions. Our office uses an electronic system that is confidential and secure. The system gives you, as a patient of the practice, access to a medical portal.

The medical portal will have all of the intake documents for therapy, access to communicate with the counselor, and more.

If you are ready to start counseling for your ESA Letter? CLICK HERE to get started.