Why Every Couple Should Read The 5 Love Languages

How To Use The 5 Love Languages

1. Start with the 5 love language quiz

The quiz gives you access to understand how you receive love and how your partner receives love. Once you receive your answer, you’ll notice that they will have a unique order. Take time to read over each type of love language. The better you can understand your results and the love languages the easier it will be to create a positive change in your relationship. Working with a counselor is a great way to build education on the love languages as well as learn how to effectively apply them.


2. Use the love languages to create growth

Consider what your love language is. Let’s imagine that the highest language is physical touch. This simply means that out of all the ways you receive love, physical touch is the most significant. Think about it like a light bulb. You have 5 light bulbs. 4 of the when turned on light the room to the point that you can see about 80 percent of the room. The key love language lights the room at 100 percent. Without this key language being fully activated a person can feel disconnected from their partner. An additional supportive read is found in, 7 Signs You and Your Wife Are Truly A Team, read it here: https://www.fatherly.com/love-money/7-signs-you-and-your-wife-are-truly-a-team/


3. Use the love languages as a guide

Consider the purpose of the love languages before utilizing them. I like to consider the purpose connected to educating the foundation of the relationship. Teaching partners how to show up for each other in an effective transformational way. OFten what takes place is that one partner will show the other partner love in a way that they feel comfortable with versus what their partner is searching for. This can lead to disconnect, feeling that you are seen or heard, and a struggle to see a future for the relationship. 


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