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Habits To Adopt Today

Habits help us feel successful, organized, and most importantly stable. Some people practice the habit of exercising. These people share their success by disclosing physical improvements or a better night sleep. As a professional counselor, I help people understand why habits make life easier and more enjoyable.

These habits are specifically selected for persons struggling with depression and anxiety symptoms. The habits highlight skills aimed to reduce the severity of symptoms associated to depression and anxiety. Symptoms like not getting enough sleep, low self-esteem, feeling overly worried, or panic attacks.


Below are habits aimed to aid you in life.:



The practice encourages you to increase your awareness of focal points. Your feelings, surrounding, work or school environment, relationships, and just about everything else that encompasses your microsystem. One of the goals to this practice is improving your awareness to how you interact with your immediate surrounding and what you can do to improve emotional stability.

A fun way to start the practice is by carrying a small notebook. Document your feelings. The high and lows of the day. Record what worked and did not work for each situation. Do your best to identify triggers and coping skills.


Face your Problems.

Problem solving is a practice that can aid with anxiety and feelings of insecurities. As a tool to build your skill, practice writing down 2 solutions to your problem. Next write down the pros and cons to the solution. Allow this platform of problem solving to be the one utilized when facing issues or difficulties in life.


Creating realistic and healthy relationships.

Many of us have role models. These are individuals that we have interacted with or studied. A role model holds a healthy and favorable comparison. As a healthy habit, evaluate the relationship you have with figures of comparison. Identify the pros and cons. Overall, the goal is to create a healthy balanced relationship.

For instance, a comparison to superman can be healthy if you wish to develop your skills in helping others. The relationship can be unhealthy if you view yourself in a negative image because society does not treat you like superman.

“I’m a comic nerd at heart”


Taking Breaks.

Extremely simple, profoundly difficult. Life tends to push us to “autopilot”. At times, I feel that I’m racing to end the week or trying to catch up on parenting time. Taking breaks is fundamental to life. To stress reduction. To sanity!

Habits have foundations. Systems that allow us to incorporate them. To incorporate the habit of taking breaks, provide yourself with one reminder per day. You pick the time. The mission is as follows:

  • Give yourself 3 minutes. During the first 30 seconds, breathe. In and out. For 30 seconds. The remainder of the time, think about your favorite moments in life. Think about your favorite book. Reflect on favorable childhood memories or hilarious movies.

That’s it. 3 minutes out of a 24-hour day.


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