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Women’s Support Group: Life After Infidelity| Greensboro Counseling

Counselor Stephanie Wood is running a women’s support group: Life After Infidelity.

Women’s Support Group: Life After Infidelity

The group is private – meaning you must call first to register for an open spot. This group is for women who have experienced infidelity in their marriage or relationship. The purpose of this women’s group is to initiate discussion on why people cheat, and the emotional instability it can cause as a result. I understand Infidelity is a perverse topic to address in conversation due to feelings of shame, embarrassment and even guilt. This group will give you an opportunity to share and identify with other women, and simply develop a new framework for understanding relationships.

To join the group call (910)-218-8100

Group Details
Issues: Infidelity, Self Esteem
Treatment Orientation: Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)
Age: Adults
Cost: $30.00 +
Group Meets: Every other Friday

Get to know Stephanie Wood:

Greensboro Counseling, Greensboro Womens Counseling, Greensboro Group Counseling for Women, 27410 Women Counseling, 27410 Counseling for WomenI specialize in healing relationships, overcoming traumas and supporting individuals with difficulties related to depressive disorders and emotional balance. Allow me to help redirect and guide you toward solving your personal struggles. At times, experiences can often leave us feeling broken, overwhelmed and disengaged from reality. The key to our professional relationship is working together to redefine your outlook on life so that you can achieve clarity and balance in your life. The foundation of my psychotherapy is anchored in honesty, compassion and respect.

I am a daughter, sister, friend and working professional. I am aware of the challenges that rise from balancing various roles in life. As your counselor, I will aid you in overcoming the pressures of everyday life and empower you in developing a more meaningful life.

My office is located near the historic Battleground Park. I welcome you to call me and explore counseling options 910-218-8100