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What Happens In Teen Therapy

What Happens In Teen Therapy


When your child starts teen therapy they have the opportunity to work on building healthy coping skills, learning to create social relationships, and addressing challenges in their life.


One of the key benefits of group counseling for your teen is the feeling that they are not alone. Your child is able to feel connected and supported by others. This is essential to growth and healing.


In teen therapy, your child works closely with the teen therapy group counselor and the other participants in the group. What takes place is that your child has the opportunity to listen, receive feedback, practice hands-on activities, and more.


While all the teens are together, the group counselor provides psycho-education and practical exercises that can be implemented. This gives your child knowledge on how to navigate the thoughts and feelings they are experiencing as well as tools.

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3 Benefits of group therapy


  1. A space to help your child feel confident when expressing their thoughts and feelings. This gives your child the opportunity to share how they feel and receive positive and supportive feedback. Your child is able to, through the experience build self-confidence and hold the skill to continue to express themselves in life.
  2. Develop clinically effective coping skills. The coping skills help to build calmness, regulate emotions such as going from 0 to 100, and address symptoms connected to depression or anxiety.
  3. Gain education on self-care practices that directly improve quality of life. Teens during the group therapy can learn through a hands-on approach how to practice self-care exercises in their life.


What Happens At The End of Teen Therapy Group


Teens have the option to continue group therapy or shift to individual counseling if they prefer a one-on-one setting. If you are interested in exploring counseling for your teen, please contact us at [email protected]


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