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Relationship Counseling 101: Sex Isn’t Just About The Orgasm

Sex isn’t just about orgasms. Imagine sex and intimacy like a puzzle piece. Each piece holding its own value and significance as it impacts the relationship and relationship counseling. A piece among the many can be kissing or hugging. Relationships that flourish often have a built system for understanding the importance that sex plays in the relationship.

When was the last time you spoke to your partner about sex?

Do you and your partner have regular conversations evaluating sex? Are physical and emotional needs being met?

Sex is one the many topics that can impact the health of the relationship. Because of its nature, sex tends to be left in the back burner. Something that is not discussed. A topic that is only brought up with non-verbal messages. Guessing if you will. Sex isn’t just about the “O”.

Physical touch allows a hormonal release that supports our immune and cardiovascular system. Think about the last time you engage in sex. Do you remember feeling sensations? Do you remember feeling less stressed? Almost a sort of emotional release that pulled you closer to your partner. Sex, like healthy conversations, is an important part of the relationship. Even more significant if it holds value in the relationship.

If you have sometime visit the 5 love languages quiz

The quiz provides useful insight in understanding love. From physical to emotional and more. After taking the quiz, have a conversation with your partner about how sex plays a role in the results. Consider what changes can be made to improve sex.

Below are active ways to connect with your partner intimately. As you engage in the activities, “daily”, you’ll grow closer together. Partners can learn how to evolve their relationship and create an intimate reaction.

  1. Take Time to Talk

Sit close to your partner and ask them a question that you have been curious about. Consider their behavior this week. Did they do something that you did not understand? If you, have no questions to ask, revert to discussing a personal feeling. For instance, a question about yourself. “I was so frustrated at work yesterday”. The activity is focused on creating connection. You may not find answers, which is okay.


  1. Show Appreciation

I love encouraging couples to engage in daily appreciation. It’s simple! AND so, important for the relationship. Consider thanking each other at the end of each day. Right before you grab the remote to turn on Netflix. Take 5 minutes, maybe 10 to go back and forth on something that your partner has done. Express your gratitude.


  1. Share Goals

When was the last time you sat next to your partner and shared your hopes and dreams? Discussing goals, does not have to be about what’s down the road in 25 years. Talk about what you hope to accomplish today, tomorrow or this week! Listen to your partner go over their to-do-list for the day. Spend time planning potential trips. The goal for this activity is to place importance and value on individual and shared goals.

See the video below to gain a stronger understanding of sex talk can improve your relationship.


Talk about sex. Normalize it. Relationship Counseling is available to support couple’s with problems in intimacy, emotional connection, or simply trying to make it work in the bedroom.