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Immigration Evaluations In Greensboro


What is an immigration waiver?


You are here because you are searching for a counselor or psychologist to conduct your immigration evaluation for a waiver case. Our office, Santos Counseling PLLC, provides immigration evaluations for varying immigration legal cases. Including the immigration waiver cases.


Immigration waiver evaluations take place over a course of a few sessions. The number of sessions depends on the specific details to the immigration waiver case. Your counselor takes time to work with your immigration attorney in order to provide a more effective and clinically competent service.


The immigration evaluation includes taking mental health tests, answering numerous interview-related questions, and exploring dynamics in the relationship with the petitioner.


The waiver case focuses on one person petitioning for another. For instance, a husband petitioning for his wife. The counselor would provide the immigration evaluation for the partner who holds legal status and is the one that is the petitioner.


The purpose of the evaluation is to act as a professional mental health assessment that explores the client’s background, identifies symptoms, evaluates if there is a diagnosis, and identifies perspective recommendations.


The counselor’s role during the immigration evaluation is neutral and unbiased. This simply means that the evaluation is not subjective and completely focused on a professional opinion over the details of the immigration case.


If you have any questions regarding the immigration evaluation, please call our office at 336-663-6570 or email [email protected]



How to prepare for your immigration evaluation:


Please know that we are here to support you and to make this process smooth. During the first session, your counselor will provide you with documents that give you the opportunity to read over the structure for the immigration evaluation. The documents focus on why you are seeking an immigration evaluation, symptoms that you are experiencing, and details on the ethics of the immigration evaluation.


Our counseling office provides a supportive and comfortable space. Please reach out today to learn more about immigration evaluations.


Santos Counseling PLLC specializes in providing psychological evaluations for persons engaged in the immigration process. The Immigration process includes waivers, provisional waivers, cancellation of removal, extreme hardship, violence against women act (VAWA), U Visas, and asylum.


In conjunction, with your evaluation, we work in collaboration with supporting attorneys to best serve your needs.


How to Get a Psychological Evaluation:

The process of the immigration psychological evaluation consists of meeting for a total time of 4 hours. In the time we meet, the goal is to evaluate and analyze questions, tests, and disclosure geared to better understanding your information.


Below is a video that explores the immigration mental health evaluation.


Evaluations for immigration proceedings include:

  • Extreme Hardship
  • Asylum
  • Waivers
  • Provisional Waivers
  • Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)
  • U Visa
  • Cancellation of Removal

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