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Does Premarital Counseling Work

Premarital counseling for couples who are engaged and desire to build a lasting marriage.

Premarital counseling helps couples create a lasting relationship

A lasting relationship is a deep relationship that takes into account factors that support the marriage in growing and overcoming obstacles.

Most relationships are bound to face obstacles. Challenges range from disagreeing on where to have lunch to keeping a secret because you felt that it was better than transparency. 

Relationships face obstacles because people are often not trained early in life on how to create and sustain a healthy loving relationship.

The key to premarital counseling is to help couples have a conversation about what they need to do to:

  • Overcome challenges that are likely to take place
  • To understand how to build a healthy friendship
  • To utilize and practice the love languages
  • To understand how mental health and personalities impact the relationship
  • Lastly, to have the toolkit to address common issues in your relationship as well as ways to strengthen your relationship


See the video below for more support on Premarital Counseling

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