How To Stop Fighting In Front of The Kids

In my professional experience I have had what seems like too many clients come and see me due to their child exhibiting new “negative” behaviors. These new behaviors are more than often seen as the child being more quiet, shy, non-talkative, and withdrawn from the family. As the therapist, I ask the parent(s) the magic question, “If you could pick one thing that caused this change in your child what would it be.” The answers are often, “Maybe someone in school is bullying them,” or “I don’t know,” or just a blank stare as they wait for me to provide them with some insight that can solve their problems. The answer isn’t always easy for parents to see.

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Steps To Help Your Teen Leave The Nest

Even if your teen is anxious, nervous or simply insecure to the idea of moving out. It must be addressed. This article helps parents understand how to communicate the subject of moving out with their child in a manner that is friendly to the teenager. Content covered in the article includes: healthy communication, understanding your teens anxiety, andd ways to support your teen to leave the nest. Santos Counseling has offices in Greensboro and Winston Salem supporting struggling parents.

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How To Support Your Teenager With Counseling

Learn how to support your teenager with counseling in each phase. How to parent your teen prior to counseling, how to support your teen during counseling, and how to encourage your teen to continue to do well after counseling. A simple practical article for parents seeking guidance in helping their teenager with counseling.

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Using Structured Systems for kids on the Autism Spectrum

Learn how to use structured systems for Autism in helping your child transition from one activity to the next without tantrums, practicing patience, learning social skills, understanding rewards, and helping your child manage their symptoms associated to Autism and behaviors. Learning spaces support children with Autism in creating structured spaces that kids can have fun with and transition without fighting.

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