You are currently viewing 70 Journal Prompts For Mental Health

70 Journal Prompts For Mental Health

Journal Prompts To Help You Work On Your Mental Health

  1. What would your 10-year-old self say to you today?
  2. Do you feel that you are beyond anger?
  3. What items in your life do you need to work on accepting
  4. What does a great conversation include?
  5. When was the last time you had a sense of bitterness?
    What type of conflict makes you want to disconnect from the situation taking place?
  6. What do you need to be more aware of?
  7. What feels good to recognize?
  8. Who in your life needs to know what you are feeling even if it could make the situation worse?
  9. How would the old you deal with the situation that you are trying to navigate?
  10. How can the current you address the situation you are dealing with?
  11. Do your reactions match what is taking place?
  12. Would it benefit your relationship to shift your delivery?
  13. When was the last time you did something you thought was “stupid”?
  14. Is something right now a bigger deal to you than to someone else?
  15. What actions do you take to present your best self?
  16. What has your journey of authenticity been like?
  17. What recent experience has taught you something important?
  18. Do you minimize mistakes that should be taken more important?
  19. Is it a lonely process to work on yourself?
  20. Do you have people in your life that you would call friends?
  21. When a thought comes into your mind do you blurt it out right away?
  22. When was the last time you had a really good conversation?
  23. What boundaries do you put up?
  24. How do you go about giving someone else joy?
  25. What is your go-to action or statement to create space with others?
  26. How do you respond when conversations go from friendly to the other person trying to get to?
  27. When was the last time you processed sadness in a healthy way?
  28. What parts of you are you willing to share in a relationship
  29. How emotionally available are you?
  30. Do you feel like interactions with others is a chest game?
  31. During interactions are you in the moment or nervous about how one moment moves to the other?
  32. Do you ever say certain things to stop yourself from feeling something during an interaction?
  33. What is your definition of joy?
  34. How does anxiety show up in your body?
  35. How does depression show up in your body?
  36. Describe your relationship with food.
  37. What are two areas in your life that you feel you need more control over?
  38. How do you create calmness?
  39. What recurring thoughts do you have?
  40. Where do your fears come from?
  41. What is a better way that you can start communicating your needs?
  42. What makes you feel secure?
  43. When was the last time you were in actual danger? Now think about how many times in your life if you have responded to a situation where there was no actual danger yet you responded as if there was anger.
  44. What are you deserving of?
  45. What are you willing to give?
  46. When was the last time someone said some profound shit to you? What was it?
  47. Do you give people the opportunity to share their interests and life with you?
  48. What goals are you working on?
  49. Who typically helps you to achieve your goals?
  50. What fairytale do you need to let go of?
  51. In what ways do you put yourself in uncomfortable spaces?
  52. Do you actively confront your insecurities? 
  53. How many know what you are struggling with?
  54. Do you know what challenges your friends and family are struggling with?
  55. What challenges do you need help with?
  56. What habit did you start and are doing really well in?
  57. Do you have people in your life that make you feel comfortable?
  58. Do you remove yourself from spaces that you feel unwanted?
  59. When was the last time you asked for help?
  60. What types of things help you get better sleep?
  61. What are two things that make you feel content and why?
  62. Describe a time in your life when you felt truly at peace.
  63. Are there people in your life that bring peace?
  64. Write about a challenge you’ve faced and who helped you navigate it.
  65. What are five things you are grateful for in the past year?
  66. Describe a person who has supported you with your mental health.
  67. What are your self-care activities and how do they help?
  68. Write a letter to your future self.
  69. Describe your ideal day.
  70. What steps are you taking to achieve your goals?


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