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Counseling can be a journey tailored to your needs. Contact our counseling office to get started with your first counseling session.

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A Greensboro Counseling Practice

At Santos Counseling, we understand that finding a counselor can be difficult. You start the search first online, then you ask a few people, and still, you feel that more information is needed. Our goal as a counseling practice is to provide you with licensed, compassionate, and professional counselors. 

When searching for a counselor here are 2 key items to look for.

  1. Read about the counselor and get to know them. Finding a counselor that you can relate to and feel comfortable with directly impacts your therapy success.
  2. Ask the counselor about their additional training. This can include trauma training, cognitive behavioral therapy, play therapy, Autism training, and more. Overall, the key is that you find a counselor who is competent in addressing your areas of focus.

What happens during the first counseling session?

During the first counseling session, you and the counselor will go over intake paperwork, confidentiality, goals, medical history, medication history, family history, substance abuse history, and other key areas pertinent to treatment. The goal of the session is to (a) get to the counselor and work to build trust and rapport and (b) identify a treatment plan aimed to help you meet your therapy goals.

Is counseling provided virtually?

Santos Counseling PLLC offers counseling virtually to anyone in North Carolina. We also have a physical office located at 411 Dolley Madison Road, Greensboro North Carolina.

How can counseling help?

Research continues to show that counseling can help with improving mood, decreasing relapse, addressing unwanted habits and behaviors, and improving the overall quality of life. Our goal as a counseling practice is to provide you with a clinically effective space aimed at helping you move forward in addressing your mental health goals. 

How can counseling help my child with anger?

Kids often deal with anger in different ways. Sometimes the anger comes out with yelling or physical aggression. Therapy helps kids learn to understand why they are experiencing anger, what triggers anger, and how to manage anger. During counseling sessions, your child is able to reflect on past experiences that resulted in a struggle to manage anger. The counselor is able to support with developing creative and healthy tools to reduce anger as well as replace it with healthy alternatives.

Are there additional counseling resources available?

Counseling resources are available on the Santos Counseling Blog and YouTube channel. Click Here to read helpful counseling articles. Click Here to watch helpful videos on counseling topics. 

Do I need to take medication while working with my counselor?

Medication and psychotherapy both can be supportive tools that you utilize with the support of your provider. A key step is to communicate with your medication provider as well as your counselor on the aspect of medication treatment. 

Where is the counseling office located?

Santos Counseling PLLC is located in Greensboro, North Carolina at 411 Dolley Madison Road, 27410. Click here for directions to the counseling office.