What should I expect in my first counseling session?

As a way to make our intake process faster and more efficient, we provide our intake forms online. CLICK HERE to book your first appointment and complete the intake forms. During your first session, we will go over the intake forms listed above, the reason why you are seeking counseling, and the plan for treatment. The plan for treatment highlights how together we can develop a clinically sound process that has your goals and ways we can achieve the change and growth you are seeking.

What kind of clients we work with?

Our counseling office provides services for individuals, families, relationship counseling, and groups at both our Greensboro and Winston-Salem location. Because of our team of counselors, we have the opportunity to provide counseling to just about anyone. We, encourage clients to call any of our clinicians and inquire about counseling needs. Often, a simple conversation can help in understanding the best counseling service needed and the counselor that fits those needs. Common clients that seeks our counseling services include: anxiety, depression, relationship counseling or marriage counseling, bipolar, anger management, fidelity, ADHD, hyperactivity, behavioral problems, and many more.

How do I set up an appointment?

Appointments can be made by calling 336-707-1723.

You can also contact any of our clinicians at the team homepage or at schedule a session.

What counseling services are offered?

Santos Counseling has a team of highly qualified clinicians who are able to provide a wide range of counseling services. We provide therapy for young children, adolescents, teens, adults, families, couples and groups. We also provide assessments and immigration assessments (treatment summary, visa u immigration, immigration waivers, and hardship waivers for immigration). Our office has clinicians that specialize in providing consultations, coaching, life coaching, speakers for meetings, online-counseling also known as virtual or long distance counseling, vocational assessments, and career counseling.


Each of our clinicians is independently governed when it comes down to insurance and fee. This means that the best way to find out if one of our counselors accepts your insurance is to call. Click here for contact information on our counselors.

How much does counseling cost?

This is often the leading question. The cost depends on the following factors: insurance, sliding scale, packages, and clinician set fees. Each of our counselors has their own set fee. On average our counseling sessions cost $130.00 for the initial session and $100.00 for the following sessions. The initial session requires a higher fee due to the type of session that your counselor is conducting. In the therapy field, this is commonly known as the intake session or simply put, the session in which your counselor conducts a thorough evaluation and works on setting goals based on your needs. Visit our pricing page to learn more about packages, available coupons, and fees. As always, one of the best recommendations given is to call the clinician and personally discuss cost. Counseling is a relational service meaning that our clinicians outweigh therapeutic benefit over cost.

Why people come to Santos Counseling over others?

To be honest, their are many awesome counseling offices in our area. Some of our colleagues are owners or clinicians at local counseling businesses. Our office is not here to compete with other counseling practice, we believe that we stand out because of the people we serve. Our clients, referral sources, and community continue to share kind words about our services.