“Bring a comfortable pair of walking shoes and your water bottle.”

Nature therapy or Walk & Talk:

This therapy approach was specifically designed for those who are more comfortable engaging in counseling while enjoying a peaceful nature walk . To paint you a simple picture:

Our sessions will be located in Greensboro off of Battleground within the historic battleground park. Together we will walk at a comfortable & leisure pace while engaging in therapeutic topics. The outdoor environment helps due to providing distractions which creates vulnerability – thus healing becomes open.


I’ve created a few quizzes that can help lead you in the right direction:


People who walk with us:

Our clients already know who they are.

  • You love being outdoors.
  • The idea sitting in a room is “not your cup of tea”.
  • You enjoy sitting outside on a bench for hours. Simply listening and watching nature (or people watching).
  • Walking and talking is your ideal setting for therapeutic talk.

Is this approach effective:

The simple answer is YES. This approach to counseling is effective.

The profound answer is that it truly depends on you. Are you comfortable engaging in conversation while walking through a park? If yes, then you have your answer. This approach is tailored to those individuals that prefer the outdoor scene when healing and engaging in counseling.

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cover image by annie spratt