Counseling For Military Vets In Greensboro, NC

Santos Counseling PLLC holds a special place for military vets. Some of our staff members have direct experience on a personal and family level with the military. Our office manager, Elizabeth is from Fayetteville, North Carolina where ample members of her family serve and have served in the varying branches of the military.

Are you a military vet seeking mental health counseling?

Counseling is a supportive space aimed to help you address the difficulties that you are experiencing. Military experiences often are unique. You may have noticed that as a result of joining the military or your exposure to military life, certain things in life have shifted.


Trauma from military experience:

  • You feel that you are in a physical and mental state of fight or flight. This can make you feel on edge, always alert, or as if something bad is going to happen.
  • Witnessing high conflict and stress situations. Such as combat or lethal injuries.
  • A noticeable struggle in re-entering civilian life. You may notice this when trying to work, spending alone time, or interacting with people in your life. CLICK HERE to read more on trauma.

Common reasons military vets start counseling?

  • You are experiencing flashbacks of traumatic or difficult experiences from your military life.
  • You notice that it’s difficult for you to transition into civilian life.
  • Your friends and family have commented on your mood.
  • Deep down you know certain things are how you want them to be.
Counseling For Military Vets And Therapy For Military Spouses And Family Members.
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How counseling can help military families?

  • Create a healthy family system.
  • Worry about your family member while they are in service.
  • Develop healthy self-care practices.
  • Identify triggers that negatively impact mood and emotional stability.