Career Counseling In Greensboro, North Carolina

Career counseling is for individuals seeking support in developing confidence, executive and leadership skills aimed to support with creating your ideal lifestyle. Counseling focuses on career guidance, learning how to choose, change, and leave a career, and showing up authentically in your workspace. The clinical space provides guidance in learning how to employ past skills that directly transfer into your work setting.

With your counselor, you can improve in the areas of self-confidence, empowerment, work and life balance, and self-esteem. All directly work to support your growth in your career. Giving you the foundation to show up with the strength that you have.

Why People Seek Career Counseling 

  • Stress and anxiety at work and carried home.
  • Not making enough money or the amount that highlights your “worth”.
  • Problems within the employment hierarchy. – “Not moving up fast enough!”
  • Issues with employee relationships.
  • Feeling “stuck” in your career or job.
  • Insecure in your position.
  • Ready for change
  • Difficulties managing your employees.

How Career Counseling Helps

More often the not individuals overlook the unique skills that they carry. Career Counseling can help you understand and develop a strategic plan that you can effectively implement in your career field. Using your skills and professional background we will brainstorm therapeutically grounding and realistic strategies that you can implement daily.

The support you receive is practical and result-based.

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