Discover how to develop skills to be calm, build confidence, and tame anxiety.


This course is for you. The person that struggles with worry, finds it difficult to get a good nights rest, experiences racing thoughts, or has trouble managing worry. The course is for people that truly desire to manage their anxiety so that they can feel confident, calm, and live their life. You are here for the right reason. You are here because you want a life with stability and peace of mind.


Powerful techniques aim to help you build a clear state of mind, reduce anxiety, find clarity in your life. The course is structured in a 4-week sequence. Each week you are given exercises and videos aimed to give you the tools to build confidence, calmness, and manage anxiety.


Taming anxiety can be a process that you can take on during a face to face counseling session or in the online course. As a counselor, I took time to create the Tame Anxiety Course, to help people that struggle with anxiety and desire a life of confidence and calmness. The course was created in a manner that guides you through a 4 week process. Each week you are given video lectures and hands on worksheets that teach you exactly what you need to know about anxiety and how to overcome anxiety in your life.

Finding a course that works is important.  In order to offer something here and now… I made you a video help you see if this course is a good fit.