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Alex Arzuaga is a Licensed Counselor with extensive experience in understanding how to build healthy relationships with others and yourself. He enjoys working with couples and supporting adults with trauma therapy. He entered the counseling profession to support individuals that are having difficulties facing life’s challenges. He asserts that many people struggle not because they are not capable of overcoming problems, but because they do not have the support and/or encouragement they need. 


Counselor Services 

Start Military Counseling In Greensboro, NC. Helping Military Families And Military Spouses With Counseling.

Couples Counseling

Counseling For First Responders In Greensboro, North Carolina.

First Responders

Trauma Therapy In Greensboro, NC Specializing In Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Trauma Therapy

Counseling For Military Vets And Therapy For Military Spouses And Family Members.

Military Vets

Alex’s goal is to provide a place of understanding and honest feedback so that all clients can safely gain awareness of their life’s challenges and meet their goals. I can provide all services in Spanish.

You can schedule an appointment with Alex by calling 336-663-6570 

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Alex is in-network for the following insurance companies:

  • MedCost